I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years now and a huge fan of what they have done in the U.S cellular industry over the past 7 years, but I am even bigger fan of T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere because he made it all happen and the reason why we are seeing T-Mobile all over the news over the past 5 years. If you missed one of my posts on best cellular plans for students that use a lot of data, then check it out.

Let’s talk a little about background.

The success of T-Mobile over the years is all behind the power of social media from its CEO. This “barely known” cellular brand has moved from being #4 to now closing up to #2 (AT&T) and in fact is already catching up with #1 (Verizon) on multiple factors and I believe within the next few years we will see results we have never thought would ever happen if T-Mobile keeps doing what they are doing and don’t stop, and I know they won’t for as long as they have it’s CEO John Legere. At the moment, many sources rank T-Mobile as #2 in U.S and as I mentioned they are  closing up on #1 in many testing reviews that come out quarterly, heck many even rank T-Mobile as #1.

Ok, enough with background, let’s jump on why it is the best for every age.

T-Mobile Plans Overview

T-Mobile currently has two unlimited plans and 10GB shareable plan available without a credit check. If you were to decide between the shareable and the unlimited plan, I would highly recommend going with unlimited to take the full advantage of T-Mobile features.

The unlimited plans (T-Mobile ONE) are hands-up a great deal. T-Mobile ONE starts at just $75 a month and with Auto-Pay it drops down to $70 a month and the more lines to add – the cheaper it will be per line. For example, 2 lines will cost just $60 per line, 3 lines will run at $47 per line, and 4 lines at $40 per line a month. The best part? Taxes & fees included, so you don’t pay a penny more. The ONE plan includes unlimited talk, text and LTE data. By unlimited data they mean 50GB a month to use per line and it is the highest threshold currently in cellular industry if comparing to the other top 3 ( Verizon, AT&T, Sprint). You are also given unlimited talk, text, and up to 5GB of LTE data in Mexico and Canada, with data and text also available in 140 more countries around the world – this feature alone makes it up for me. If you are paying for your Netflix subscription, you will like this plan because 2+ lines with T-Mobile ONE gets you a free standard Netflix subscription.

Coverage map in U.S as of this year.

Tmobile-ONE also offers some extra features that you can add-on to your plan. For $10 more per month per line, you can upgrade to the ONE Plus plan. This gives you 10GB of 4G mobile hotspot data, unlimited text and Wi-Fi on Gogo enabled flights, and HD video streaming. Another upgrade to the plan is One Plus International upgrade which costs $25 extra per month and the top of the line plan which includes everything from T-Mobile ONE and ONE Plus and packs more extras like unlimited international calling, unlimited 4G data in Mexico and Canada, and unlimited 4G hotspot data. This is still a great deal if you compare to any other wireless carrier, and no hassle switching between them, if for example you will be traveling for a few months or work in other country for some time.

T-Mobile also recently introduced Unlimited 55+ plan. Just as the name suggests, this plan focuses on 55+ of age individuals on up to two lines. This ONE plan cost $70 (from $75 with Auto-Pay). If comparing to other T-Mobile ONE plan, this is a savings from $130 or almost 50% off.

T-Mobile also has Military plans with  20% off single line, 50% off family lines.

My Review 

Over the past years T-Mobile has really grown off the charts if you look at it’s growth of customers. T-Mobile is a great cellular phone provider if you live in metropolitan areas. If you live outside of them, the coverage and speeds might be slower or not perform as well as other top two carriers. The best part of all and my most favorite part of being on T-Mobile is the ability to use my phone abroad. If you haven’t checked out my first student trip to Europe coming up, check it out and being on T-Mobile  and its coverage in 140+ countries will be one of the most useful features I will have on this whole trip to stay put and updated with my blog readers. I highly recommend checking the coverage map to see if you are covered before switching. Here’s the great offer below for you to consider if you are ready to switch.

Join T-Mobile and get up to $650 per line towards switching fees

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