10 Summer Job Ideas If You Can’t Get a Real Job as a College Student

I get it, it is middle of the summer right now and maybe I am late posting this but if you find yourself in a position where you still need ideas on what to do in summer and jobs didn’t work out, or even refer to this post for next summer – you have come to the right place. In fact, many of these listed can be started right now and guarantee you some extra money to make for the rest of the summer.

Not long ago, I wrote  how to make the most out of your summer for you to get some more ideas. Another great top post I wrote is the Secret to Life Success: Getting Paid to Do What You Love.

Summer is not an easy time to find a job as a student. Primarily because a lot of employers are looking at long-term employees and these 2-3 months that you are most likely available will put you below others who can potentially work for more than the 2-3 months period of time that you are available. Depending on position, sometimes it takes weeks or even months to train somebody to full extent, so logically speaking – it makes no sense for employers to hire just for the summer.

1. Become Uber and Lyft Driver (21+)

If you have a car and are 21+ years old, you could make some great money driving for Uber and Lyft. Check out my experience driving for Uber and LyftAll you practically need is a car and time. You get to make on average few hundred dollars a week and if you are in an area with great demand – you could earn even more. Another perk is the people you meet, you will find many interesting people and stories.

If you use my referrals below you can get some serious extra cash by completing certain amount of rides and because it is summer, you could really make up the bonus with all the free time you got!

Uber Bonus $500+

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2. Navigate to Uber.com

3. Paste the code to “invite code” section

Lyft Bonus $500+

Simply, just Click Here and it will take you through the process.

2. Browsing the Internet

Did you know you can get paid for browsing the internet? Post before this one I wrote about Top Survey sites where you can actually earn money. Swagbucks is hands up the best for you to earn extra cash. You will not only be getting paid for browsing the web through them but you also get free $5 when you sign up through THIS LINK.

3. Take Online Surveys

Talking about surveys, if you did not read my post on surveys, then I would like to put them down here for you to check out.

With these companies you can get paid by taking surveys and it will keep you interested because you get to choose what surveys you would like to take, you can even set up email alerts when the survey matching your interest pops up.

Here are the most popular survey sites:

  • MyPoints is a great survey site that has been around for two decades now that offers a wide variety of ways to earn like watching videos, taking surveys, reading emails, and even playing games!
  • Swagbucks rewards points system called “SB” points and it is well-known to give away free SB points just for being a member of Swagbucks. Yeah, that’s right! Free points that you can convert to money!
  • PointClub is unique in its own ways. One that stands out to me the most is the ability to earn more by logging in on daily basis.
  • Survey Junkie is a very simple and easy to use platform and there’s no limit on how many surveys you take.

4. Become an Online Tutor

If you are good at certain subject, why not to become an online tutor? There are so many benefits of being an online tutor and primary one is the ability to be portal. You can be teaching somebody across a country, heck even across the world. English is a very broad language that is used all over the world, so tutors are always needed.

Check out Wyzant and become a tutor for almost any subject.

Another great alternative is QKid where you can teach English only.

5. Deliver Food

I have actually considered this before because one of my friends was making great money on tips by delivering food. This is not just great summer opportunity but all year-long opportunity. The best part is you just pick up and drop off food and that’s it. If you live in urban area, you could just use your bicycle to deliver food.

My favorite apps that I use for food delivery are Door Dash and UberEats.

Both companies let you set your own time for whenever you want to work. This is rather simple. You accept the order, pick-up the order, drop-off the order, and get paid. Great way to earn money and especially tips can really make the difference.

Sign-up with Door Dash here.

Sign-up with Uber Eats here.

6. Do What You are Good at with Freelancer and Fiverr

You got to be good with something. For that reason Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com offer endless opportunities for you to make money. In fact, this could turn into a real job if you are consistent and highly rated. Some people are making thousands of dollars a month and even millions by being a freelancer. Everything you can think of is available there, all you have to do is offer your services to people who need it. Best part? You can do it all from your home on computer. See why Why College is the Best Time to Start a Business.

If you are computer science major, you can build website and charge $100-$3,500 for it. Marketing major? Charge for marketing the videos. English major? You can write blog posts for blogs and get paid for it, you can even write papers for students. Good with photoshop? Create images or edit them. I hope you are seeing where I am going because possibilities are endless and you will find something you really enjoy to do.

Here’s some more ideas for you:

  • Business cards designing, logo designing
  • Crafts,
  • Social media promoting for customer’s products
  • Online research for writers
  • Books

This is just a few and for you to really experience what I’m talking about, you need to head over and check it out yourself.

You can get $20 by signing up for Freelancer.com

Sign up for Fiverr.com

7. Become a Dog Walker 

Another great way to earn money especially for pet lovers is to become a dog walker. Dog walkers are needed everywhere, primarily because majority of people love their pets so much that they just don’t want to leave them alone throughout the day while they are busy working.

The best way to find this type of job is to talk to neighbors and friends, and also look online. Same thing, as you build your reputation and meet more people, you will have much more business.

Some Best websites include DogWalker.com and Care.com.

8. Be Someone’s Friend

Yes, I said it right. You can be someone else’s friend for the night and get paid for it. I’ll be honest, this one is a little interesting but people really do rent people to be their friend. You can do any activity you would normally do with your friends like events, dinners, biking, parties, hanging out, going to bar, outdoor events, shopping, bowling, and so much more…

Check out yourself if you need a friend rentafriend.com

9. Sell Things That You No Longer Use

Making money out of something that you no longer use or wear can be a very lucrative way to free up some space and make some temporary cash and overall it’s better than having your things that sit there and do nothing. Things like clothes that you no longer wear or cell phones, books you no longer use.

Getting rid of things that you no longer use is a great way to make some cash on the side and you can even start a business by doing your research with buying things on garage sales and selling them for profit on sites like eBay. I know a few people who do this and are able to make some great money on the side but you really need to research the products and know  your market.

10. Complete Tasks For Others 

If you like the idea of putting things together or even standing in long lines, then there is a solution to that and you can help people who are in need of handy person to do these tasks. Start by checking out TaskRabbit where you can connect with people that are in need of help with variety of tasks like cleaning, moving, delivering are the highest paid tasks on Task Rabbit.

Another great reason choosing the Task Rabbit is because you get to meet some great people because majority of people that are in need of the top services are older people. Older people = great connections.

Bottom Line

Last place you want to be in is getting discouraged if you can’t find a job. All the jobs that pay minimum wage or a little above are not meant for you and it just means that you are destined for bigger and greater things. I hope you find this article useful and really try to do one of these opportunities I listed because it can turn into a great business and particularly establish some great connections that you can use for your future.

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