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As a founder of Student Financial Blog and person behind Student Money Adviser, you might just be wondering about simple information and don’t want to browse through posts to find information like: What mobile plan is best for me? What credit cards do I need? Best car insurance for me as a student/discounts? etc… In order to be trusted & credible resource to readers and followers, I have put a lot of time and effort into every post and every single one will be checked and made sure that it is updated on frequent basis, so you get the material up-to-date.

Below, I will have a list of best and my favorite money-saving services & products. You can consider this a “Student Money Adviser” cliff notes, all the best in one place!

*Just wanted to make a note because I have to by rules and regulations. “In order to support this site, the links on this page may result in a commission to support this blog, but will never EVER-EVER cost you anything (in fact, most of the links I have on here will have special discounts or deals). “I only recommend products and techniques I think can help you just like it did to me”.

Credit Cards

If you are a cash person, then skip onto next section, you don’t have to have a credit card, but if you are responsible (don’t carry balances over month to month), wanting to build your credit history, etc…  Having a credit card is very rewarding in many ways “IF” you know which one you will benefit from to the fullest. You can see my post on credit cards I have if you would like to see other cards I have.

Cash back rewards credit cards:  These cards refer to ability earning cash back on everything or almost everything on every day purchases or rotating categories:

    • Best for student rotating categories (gas, restaurants, wholesale clubs,  credit card: Discover it – best for quarterly changes if you want variety at 5% (*NOTE: first year you get double on 5% categories =10% and 2% instead of 1% on everything else). For 2018, the quarter schedule for 5%: Jan-Mar (Gas Stations & Wholesale Clubs), Apr-June (Grocery Stores), Jul-Sep (Restaurants), Oct-Dec ( & Wholesale Clubs). This is a great offer out there and great card for students. Get $50 bonus statement if you use this link to apply for Discover It Card after making your first purchase with your new discover card.
  • Unlimited 1.5% cash back: Capital One Quicksilver(One) – There are two available from capital One, see my post which one you should go for. This is the best card for unlimited cash-back on every purchase and their customer service is top-notch from my experience thus far and reviews online can tell you the same.

Other great cash back credit cards to consider: 

For Groceries: Blue Cash Preferred American Express, Blue Cash Everyday AMEX.

Gas: Blue Cash Preferred AmEx, Blue Cash Everyday AmEx

Travel credit cards: Travel credit cards provide outstanding welcome offers like free roundtrip to almost everywhere around the world by reaching certain threshold of spending within a period of time. No foreign transaction fees, special protection when traveling and using card, priority boarding to name a few.

  • Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express: Delta SkyMiles credit card from Delta airlines and its partners “Sky Team” operates almost everywhere in the world, this card offers an outstanding sign up bonus currently at 60,000 miles which is enough for a roundtrip flight to almost anywhere in the world. I currently have this card and very happy with it in many ways. See my post if you want to read more about this card. If you are ready to apply or want to see the benefits of this card for yourself click here.

Other great travel rewards cards:

Airlines: Platinum Delta SkyMiles AmEx, Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard

Hotels: Hilton Honors AMEX, Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX

General Travel Rewards: Capital One Venture, Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard, Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard, Chase Sapphire Preferred

Credit Scores, Reports, and Monitoring

Credit Karma: Credit Karma is absolutely 100% free that packs so many features that relates to your credit, auto insurance credit score, home insurance credit score, and tips on how to improve your credit, and additional NEW feature isyou now can file taxes through Credit Karma. It’s safe, with no catch, and no credit card required. I had such a great experience with them last year, very easy to follow the directions on filing taxes. You can see my post right here where I review Credit Karma.

MyFico is another great source and because your MyFico scores are used almost everywhere, this is the best place to see where you are standing with your credit score. Get 20% off of all 3 scores if you use this link.

Travel Booking

I use for many reasons and primarily because of it’s promotions on packages for a stay and simple to use website as well as their exclusive genius discounts as part of using their services.

Another great site is I love their destination inspiration filter and find myself using it often. They also offer gift cards! What a great gift you can give to somebody for their next travels!

Travel Insurance: Allianz is honestly the most affordable and best travel insurance out there. Don’t go traveling without having travel insurance, anything can happen. First, make sure to check with your credit card company because your credit card might be offering travel insurance.

If you are studying aboard, Allianz also offers a great insurance for students that are studying abroad, check it out here.

Flights Booking

SkyScanner – Absolutely the best flights booking website. You can find the best deals on Skyscanner. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Google Flights – I use it very often as well but always double check with Skyscanner.

Vehicle Insurance

We want the best possible and most affordable insurance, and it is required to have one at least here in U.S. I highly recommend full-coverage insurance because so much could happen and to stay safe on the roads and not fight over the false claims that other party might be claiming  in an accident I share products with you that I have installed in my car. I have shopped for insurance by doing a lot of research and here are my choices on best possible rates for insurance.

Car Insurance: (Click on each one of them to find out more)

  1. AllState (Top Pick)
  2. Progressive
  3. Mercury
  4. USAA

Motorcycle Insurance:

  1. AllState
  2. Esurance

Click for list of best cars I highly recommend as first car.

Vantrue X1 Car Dash Cam – Full HD 1080P 1920×1080 Dash Cam – I have set up this dash camera to prevent any false claims against me. This is a great dash camera and very affordable and could save you thousands of dollars in case of an accident.

Lifeline Excursion Road for All Emergency Needs -Emergency Kit you must have that have all the necessities you need in case of emergency, packs a lot of stuff you really need in case of emergency like flat tire, jumping cables, etc…

Online Investing and Trading Stocks

Acorns (rounds up your change and reinvests for you) Get $5 when you sign-up. You can read my review here.

Robinhood – Another great platform like Acorns above. You get free stock valued up to $500 for just signing-up!

Mobile Phone Plans

T-Mobile: Almost everyone has smartphone these days, this is the best carrier if you want to have most affordable plan for students where you will have coverage almost everywhere in the world if you sign up for their T-Mobile One Plan. They also have some of the best-prepaid plans available. You can also see my post on best mobile plans for students.

Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone Devices

I am an Apple fan and not because I want to fit in with everyone but because I trust Apple Company. I love that I am able to access anything anywhere from any of my apple devices, and overall the simplicity of using an Apple device.

Laptop: I currently have a MacBook Pro and suggest it to anyone for either it is for school or some programs that require editing. This machine will serve you for many years, so this makes it a great investment. I would also recommend MacBook Air to students as well because it will serve you throughout school and every day to day tasks with no problem either. Or even a new MacBook will serve you great.

Tablet: iPad is the way to go no questions asked, but there are many alternatives available. You really need to think whether you really need a tablet because a MacBook like I mentioned above could suit you much better and they are portable.

Smartphone: And again, Apple device. iPhone thumbs up. Now, don’t get the iPhone or any other product brand new unless you are a huge fan of Apple and willing to spend a lot of money to keep up with them. The newest iPhone is “iPhone 11” and as you may heard it costs around $1,000 to start, if you can afford it – then great for you.


If you haven’t tried Airbnb then consider it for your next trip instead of hotels. In many cases this is a great way to have your own place for a stay in a new city. There are many benefits come with going through AirBnb like the place owner that you are renting from will most likely guide you if you are new to that city and want to explore it to the fullest.

Sign up and get up to $50 off (depending on where you are coming from) on your first stay. Something is better than nothing! Just sign up and maybe sometime down in line you will book and get the discount 🙂

Drive for Uber/Lyft and get bonus

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Want to earn $500+ bonus by signing up for Lyft?
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Everything Else…

Listed most useful information, hope you find it helpful. In the end we all know that Amazon got everything we need or want to buy.

*If you are student, you qualify for $49/year prime membership with valid .edu email.

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