Student Budget Travel


Student Budget Travel

I always wanted to expand this blog and not just focus on finance matters but also traveling on budget because we all love to travel. If everything goes as planned, Student Money Adviser will create a travel blog for students.

This page is dedicated to all posts of travel for you to refer to anytime for your travel plans need and with everything you need to know before you travel like places to stay, visit, to-do, and much more as a student

List is starting with the first location and the links will be added as I travel further on this Europe tripHow to Save Money When Traveling on Student Budget.

The list will be updated as I go visit and experience the cities and places.

Below you can find a quick review and links to places I visited and also link to extensive review if you want to read the full coverage about the city.

Simply click on city picture and it will take you to quick review and my recommendations with the link to an extensive review if you got interested.

Currently cities in progress: Palma Mallorca, Barcelona, Rome, Prague



Copenhagen, Denmark

Ahh… Copenhagen, Denmark… A city that was on bottom of my list at first but now one of my favorites. See my Copenhagen Student Review for everything you need to know before you visit this city, including places to see, stay, things to do, and much more… Copenhagen offers astonishing beautifully designed colorful buildings, modern architecture, scenic views, great nightlife, boats, and many restaurants. It’s like a spirit in this city saying “Life is wonderful here!” Continue reading full review here…

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Berlin, Germany

City of Berlin in Germany is definitely a city to go for many reasons. This is the city that has a lot of life in it and according to one of the sources, it is attracting about 12 million tourists every year and approximately 55,000 tourists. A decade ago, Berlin’s mayor called Berlin “Berlin ist arm, aber sexy” or in English (Berlin is poor, but sexy). So, what is it about it? Let’s find out what you need to know before you visit this city filled with energy. Continue reading full review here…

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Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca has been named the best city to live in the world by UK “Sunday Times” and welcomes millions of visitors every year. A city in Spain you must go if you want affordable resort experience that is only about 45 minutes away from Barcelona by a flight. Palma doesn’t offer much of history but still brings some great experiences – beautiful beaches, old town with narrow streets, great restaurants, and a wide choices of entertainment. Continue reading full review here…

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Barcelona, Spain

My First visit to Barcelona and I admit that I fell in love with the city. Barcelona has inspired me with its life particularly with its history, people, lifestyle, many entertainment activities, beautiful beaches, and its delicious food. There is always something to do and it MUST be on everybody’s list to visit this city. I even started considering going to Business school here for my post bachelor degree (yes, the city is BEST pick for young adults!). The spirit in this city is just screaming for action life! Let’s talk about everything you need to see, do, and experience because you will have absolutely wonderful time here and want to make it easy for you. Continue reading full review here…

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Rome, Italy

Prague, Czech Republic