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Ever since I started Student Money Adviser I did not just want to touch school financial aspects, but instead wanted to do a variety of subjects for students but for the primary purpose of surviving college and having  the time of your life.

After spending a great deal of time in Europe last year and year before, I realized how much I love to travel and believe that sharing my experiences from student perspective could be another big step for this blog to welcome a new variety of audience.

My first trip will be covering 6 well-known countries+cities in Europe in just 3 weeks. I will be writing about every experience and where I stayed at and what I did in an overview of each city in hopes to help every other student to refer to my post and find useful for your trip planing. Yes, everything will be on budget!

One thing I can say is that so far I was able to score all my flights (keep in mind it is in peak summer season) for $617,83. That includes flying out of LAX, visiting 6 countries I talk below (fly to each city +/- train ride) and back to LAX. So, in other words $617,83 is my total in flight fares in summer peak season.

The question is, can I cover 6 countries+cities in just under $1,000, $1,500? We will find out 🙂 and I will be keeping the track of everything and writing about it at the same time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I am very picky when it comes to where I stay and not some junky places. I use Booking website for majority of my hotel bookings and also will be trying something new you must of heard of which is Airbnb, you can get $40 if you sign up through my referral.

Let’s dive into this,

What I go over in this post:

  • First List of Countries and Cities I will be Visiting and Covering on this Blog
  • How am I Going to Afford This Trip?
  • What do you Think? Have You Visited these Cities?

First List of Countries and Cities I will be Visiting and Covering on this Blog

First Stop: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen looks like a wonderful city and the one I am flying to first, I am not spending much time there but I will cover as much as I can. I will try and find other bloggers who are traveling around the same time to hopefully pick their heads on best destinations. Feel free to reach out if you’re going to Copenhagen as well.

Second Stop: Berlin, Germany

Berlin got a lot of history and I am really looking forward to this beautiful history loaded city. My visit will cover many places like Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building to name a few.  Very excited to visit this city and share with everybody my experience.

Third Stop: Palma Majorca, Spain

This one I just had to visit because of low fare I was able to score but one thing I realized after I booked it was that the prices to stay on this island are through the roof for the budget, but it just means that it will be well worth it because it is sold out rather quickly. This city is known for its famous beaches and seas, cathedral, the Palace of Almudaina, and lots of deep marked history are some of the must see places. Will also mark some beach time for me 🙂

Fourth Stop: Barcelona, Spain

Ok, I am so excited to visit this city. I took architecture class and humanities classes recently and professors really were going on and on about this city and its history. After taking architecture class I really got in to designs and this city is just loaded with beautiful buildings like Sagrada Famili, Palau de la Musica Orfeo Catala, Park Guell, and this is just a few. I am afraid that I will really get lost on what to do in this city and excitement is overflowing 🙂 I am expecting lots of overcrowding in this city during summer time but will handle it.

Fifth Stop: Rome, Italy

Another city that is loaded with history and many things to see like the picture above of Colosseum that I’m sure you recognize. I’ll be honest, I am so grateful to be able to visit these cities that are just amazing with so much happening and see.

Sixth Stop: Train Ride to Naples, Italy 

Due to the time I have in Italy I am questioning whether I will have time or not but I will try my best to get here and definitely on the next trip visiting Pompei, yeah that the volcano you are seeing and the history you must have heard or watched about Pompei volcano eruption. If you haven’t, you must read on it.

(Photo Taken by Me Prague, Czech Republic)

Seventh Stop: Prague, Czech Republic

This is not my first nor even second time I am going here! Ever since my first visit I really fell in love with this city and keep coming back, but this time I hope to really talk about it and you will see why I just love this city. Located in the heart of Europe, this city has everything for everyone to see.

How am I going to do that?

You must be wondering, how can you afford traveling? well, the thing I learned over the years is that with right planning, right fare deal websites, talking to the right people about your plans can make it happen for relatively affordable. Another thing is as I mentioned many times that college is the most free time you will have in your whole life. You can read on ways to save the most money when traveling on student budget  I wrote not so long ago.

What do you Think? Have You Visited these Cities?

If you have been to these cities or countries please share one tip, I would love to hear your input on them and recommendations, I greatly appreciated. Is this too much traveling? yes, absolutely! but is it worth the time? Heck yes!

Bottom Line

I cannot wait for this trip and very looking forward to actually sharing everything along my way with everybody. Within the next few weeks I will have a new category access set up and added for easy access for my readers to refer to with countries and cities added as I travel the globe! 🙂 Hope everybody had a great spring semester and I am looking forward to bringing so much more to Student Money Adviser Blog over this summer.

Make sure you check out my deals  and archives page to find articles that suit you.

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