Student Money Adviser is 10 months old and I wanted to share with everyone 10 Top Things I’ve Learned From 10 Months of Blogging. If you ever considered starting a blog or it just crossed your mind, then I hope you find this post useful, and maybe even start your own blog! 🙂

I also wanted to say I am running a little behind on posts because my trip to Europe is coming up next weekend that you can read about here and I am busy packing, planning, and of course getting ideas of how I want to share my experiences with you all. So, stay with me as I will soon be bringing some great articles!

Make sure you read my conclusion after the bottom line where I share the best advice you can get in this time and age.

Here it goes, 10 things I’ve learned from 10 months of blogging

#1. Google Takes Time

I was really impatient and was checking very consistently my traffic the first few months when I started this blog and saw very small results. In fact, a lot of my first articles are just starting to show up on Google… Meanwhile, other search engines have already synced every single one of my articles. The major problem I have been running into is that my blog is still not showing up in Google search because there is something literally with identical name and sadly that website is dead and been dead for years, but still ranked higher than mine. I’ve had my ups and downs in traffic with different spikes on articles and can say that Google has been very unpredictable. I believe the main contributor to Google ranking is how much you contribute and some months I get more traffic and some less. This post marks my 70th post and its been 9 months, so about 7 and a half posts per month and I am not stopping here, much more to come. I believe that in a year from now, I will have some real results to show.

#2. Writing a Blog is The Best Way to Learn More About Your Niche You Write About and Get Some Attention to Yourself

At first, the whole purpose of me starting a blog was because I wanted to have some kind of “extra” background in finance. Then, after I was getting some amazing responses to my articles from readers – I really started to love blogging. Readers really change everything. I am trying my best to bring the only content that matter to students and ways to invest, save, survive college, and grow as a young student or just overall as a young person, it all takes a first step to take and then returns from the knowledge is for a lifetime to keep.

Another great thing about this is attention that you get. My readers are constantly contacting me with questions relating to finances and I love to share everything I know with them. I also have companies that are contacting me to review some of their products but I try to keep everything only finance related or touches money.

Another great source is LinkedIn, hundreds of people are viewing my profile weekly, this is showing my returns of the hard work I put in and people are getting aware. This feels great!

Check out why you need to have LinkedIn.

#3. Social Media Presence and Importance

Everybody is on social media these days. Social media is something I didn’t really pay attention much before and now I am starting to really push social media and include “like“,”share“, and “follow” buttons everywhere I could because I am seeing the importance of social media now. This helps to welcome some new audience because their friend or a family member liked it. As we know, the word spreads around in any community.

Over the next few months, I will be really pushing this aspect with social media and I cannot wait to grow my following base and bring new content that truly only matter to us as youngsters.

So, If you like this post – please share 🙂

#4. Two of the Most Asked Questions I Get From Readers

“What are you going to do after you graduate?” and “How are you going to write a blog for students when you are no longer a student?”

I love these kind of questions and would love to answer them for you. Learning is a process that never stops. We are students forever in our hearts.

My goal is: To slowly convert my readers that are my age right now to the things that matter as we get older but touching the same aspects of investing, growing, budgeting, and much more, BUT student articles will not go anywhere because they are my primary focus. I believe this kind of approach will make me feel young when I’m older as well. 🙂

As blog progresses I am planning on writing books, doing speeches, and keep creating great content to help and educate students with handling money.

#5. Use a Reliable Hosting Company

It didn’t really matter when I started Student Money Adviser but now I am seeing how important this is. Hosting is the company that pretty much is your websites house and is holding your website, so if anything were to happen – you get ahold of the hosting company

I’m sure that you have had this happen when you are visiting a website and it is not loading? Then you give up and never come back again? Sounds familiar?

Yes, this is very discouraging for the visitors and I can’t tell you how disappointing it is for the website owners like me and millions of others.

Just recently, few weeks ago, Student Money Adviser was down for about 45 minutes and trust me, this whole 45 minutes I was on the phone with my hosting company trying to figure out what’s the problem and getting back up and running again.

What happened?

The cause for that problem was the post “Personal Finance Books You Absolutely MUST Read in Your 20’shas gotten so many visitors when I published it on my blog that it crashed it instantly. What’s worse is that half of these people weren’t able to read the post for 45 minutes and I lost many possible subscribers…

Student Money Adviser has been down a few more times but nothing too serious.

I highly recommend to make sure that everything is set up properly with your hosting company, so this doesn’t happen.

#6. Essay Papers, Projects, Term Papers, and Other Writing Assignments at School Has Become Easy

You know those days when you have a 15-page assignment due and it is just dreading you to think about it? Well, when you type so much like I do on this blog, the issue with writing papers just goes away.

The 15-20 page papers are no longer a hassle and is not challenging anymore because typing so much has really been helping me to improve my writing and develop critical writing skills that readers enjoy.

Some of my posts get a lot of traffic and others don’t. By looking at my statistics, the ones I don’t get much traffic are the ones go back when I started this blog and after editing few of them to test, I am now able to see traffic from them.

After this post is submitted, Student Money Adviser will have 55 articles and 57,000 words from posts which equate to about 150 pages if putting them in the book.

#7. Linking Throughout Website Helps To Determine The Interest Pattern of Visitors and Improves Overall Readers Time, Pages Per Visit

This is actually something that keeps readers interested and by the time they are finished reading a post, they already have another post opened in a new tab.

This is beneficial to both – to the reader and a writer. The reader is able to read something else that interests them, and the writer to see the pattern of interest and what readers are interested in, as well as improvement of how much time people spend on your website.

I have been constantly adding links to every post I have that are similar to what I am writing about. Here’s how it looks like (when you click on it): Secret to Life Success: Getting Paid To Do What You Love if you want to read about the secret formula for life success.

#8. Competition is Not Really a Competition

Competition is everywhere, no matter what business you are in. In blogging business, I find competition very fascinating and there is room for all of us in one niche, but it all comes down to you and the content you have.

It just happen to be that some posts bring a lot of traffic and others don’t, but the reality is that it all comes down to writing styles, fan base, content, and some blogs just grow faster than others. If you are just writing posts and not doing much on promoting the website, then you will see the results that you deserve.

I use my competition to get ideas and there’s nothing wrong with others getting ideas from my blog, we know that by copying content exactly will only hurt you and search engines will get you by penalizing you, but getting ideas and appreciate the work that other bloggers do in the comment section will go long ways.

If you just started, don’t expect the results right away and don’t give up. Any business takes time, just stick with it and dedicate enough time.

#9. Blogging Brings New Ideas

You really become entrepreneur. As I mentioned a lot in posts that every post on Student Money Adviser is researched and selected carefully before publishing.

The best part of blogging is that you learn so much by writing articles. My main goal when I started this blog was to make money, then the money aspect slowly started to fade away because this is not how you approach any business you want people to actually read your content.

Instead, you supposed to slowly transform only relevant advertisements that offer new knowledge to the reader and some incentive to the writer if the reader finds that content useful.

As I am doing a lot of research on posts, I learn a lot of things. This really sends idea after idea to your brain and I have started to really evaluate these ideas that are going through me and of course thank the main idea that came 10 months ago which was starting this blog. Read my 2018 goals.

#10. It is Not About The Quantity, But The Quality

As the saying goes above, it is not about how many visitors you receive, but instead it is about the quality of visitors. I have many people that are bouncing after one article and I never see them again.

Then, others are the ones that truly matter which are quality readers that are coming back. These people include: one’s that spend 30 or more seconds, visiting more than one page, share, and subscribe.

The returning readers or customers in any business are the ones that will come back to your page and purchase the products that you recommend or offer because they trust you. Therefore, my focus really turned towards people that are coming back.

Bottom Line

Blogging is a great way to learn so much about your interest or niche. It also provides a great way to meet other people and attract some attention to your name and build it.

Blogging is not for everyone and results really do take time, so stick with progressing your blog, website, new business and you will see results very soon.

There is one thing I want to share as I conclude this post.

Establishing new connections is crucial in your lifetime, you have an advantage by being young, so meet as many people as you can because it’s not what you know, but whom you know in this current generation.

Get rid of negative people in your life and find people that support you and are the ones with whom you can share knowledge, passion, opportunities, and goals.

You only have one shot at life, so make it worth it! Experience life to the fullest and live a happy life.

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