This past couple of weeks I have been getting asked multiple times and I cannot believe I haven’t thought of this before to write about my daily life and what my daily routine is as a blogger.

Just throw this in right away, I am not a full-time blogger and honestly I do not want to be a full-time blogger because firstly there’s just so many other job fields I want to try and experience given that I am still in the beginning of my 20’s. Another reason is that it is not easy to become a professional blogger and make the blog to provide a living.

Don’t forget to read what I learned in my first ten months of blogging.

So, what my routine is like?

Morning (6am-9am)

1 Getting Up Early

This is something that I really try to achieve hard and learn to get up early. Currently  I am on and off with this routine and would like to actually learn to get up early every day because this is to me the best time to get up before majority of people wake up and get brief insight of daily news and plan the day and articles for my blog, as well as go over homework or test preparation for the day.

3 I Strive to Start Day Positively

I have learned that by starting my day on wrong foot, the day will not be so good unfortunately and it is so important to start the day the best way possible. In the morning I try my best to not start with any political news sites, because politics are never positive.

4 Eat Healthy Breakfast

Don’t need to go into details because I hope you know what healthy breakfast is like and its importance. Honestly here, I still find myself grabbing fast food more often than I would like to, but I’ve been on healthy side and loved it and I know when I will really want to switch, I will.

Pre-Afternoon (9am-12pm)

1 School/Work Time

This is the time I believe majority of people and me are either at school or working.  I don’t know why I call it pre-afternoon, but this time of the day are usually my classes time and the time in between I tend to just focus on school and go over previous material I learned or material that we will be covering next class. I use this time to make sure to get some light snacks in to keep the day rolling and my brain thinking.

If I’m not at school I am most likely working if it’s a weekend, I am on the run

Afternoon (12pm-5pm)

1 School/Work Time

In this time frame I most likely still have classes and I’m still at school, but have some space-time between the next class. I use the time to get lunch and do some homework and/or get some help in tutoring center. Check some social media accounts for the blog and catch up with some news again, and maybe start on the new post for the blog.

2 Workout (Maybe)

I also try to fit workout into this timeframe or get some kind of exercise in because I tend to do something in the evenings either way. Don’t forget to check out my post on the most realistic ways to get fit.

3 Enjoying the Rest of the Day

I also use the time to just enjoy the day like reading the book, meet some friends, or just do things for fun to enjoy the day light.

Evening (5pm-10pm)

1 Homework

This is the time I use to get some homework done and just go over the material to make sure that I know what I’ve learned that day.

2 Catch Up on Social Media and Other Account

I dedicate some time every evening and browse around for universities, colleges, and some tags to help students and answer their questions that they might be asking other schools or other people and promote my blog by doing this.

3 Workout

I use this time if I didn’t workout earlier to go out and workout because it is crucial and easier to quit working out than maintaining it.

Does This Happen Every Day

I would love to have every day like that, but as we know random things come up and day fluctuates. But the ones I listed are all that I hit at least once a day.

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