If you are one of the people that jumped into “New Years Resolution” and thought to yourself that this is the year I will get that body but then you gradually lost interest, I don’t blame you. In fact there are so many people that jump into the new year and get excited with all of the new resolutions but end up only actually completing one.

For whatever the reason you stopped working out, I want to get you back on track and now marks the best time as the summer approaching, so getting that body you wanted and by summer as a time frame could extra motivate you!

Let’s dive in to Most Realistic Getting in Shape Steps:

1. Set the Goals

This is actually a major problem and not just in fitness but also in life. It is absolutely crucial to set goals especially if you are trying to get fit. Be realistic though, do you want to have a model body? well do you know what that takes? it takes a lot of determination and goals set and be prepared for a progress because nothing happens overnight.

You need to be constantly looking forward to that goal that you set and have motivation. Also, do not forget about rewarding yourself for achieving certain little achievements like losing few pounds.

2. Eat Clean

Unfortunate truth is that you cannot out-exercise an unhealthy diet. Getting fit is not just spending endless hours in the gym but you got to eat well too!

Eating well is crucial if you wanting to get fit. Cutting down on fatty foods, alcohol, and sugars will help your diet out. Replace the unhealthy eating habit with things like drinking more water instead of soda, and eating more fruits and vegetables.Instead of eating that snickers bar, substitute it with nuts, or chips with an apple.

Making a lunch at home instead of to go will both help you to have a cleaner diet and save you money,  see my post on student budgeting tips for students to read more about budgeting and how important it is to cool home instead of getting a to go order. Just remember it is alway okay to have your favorite treat and reward yourself 🙂

3. Find What is Working Out For You

Maybe you started your new years resolution by going to the gym but you realized that you just cannot stand the gym? OR maybe your knees hurting? It is completely fine. Find what is working out for you the best, check out the classes or swimming, whatever works for you but you need to find it. Is Your Gym Expensive? No worries! Many gyms offer free trial for a few days and you can see it for yourself whether this is a right choice and whether it is actually worth it for you. Consider YouTube videos because there are so many out there and this is honestly how I got into working out in the first place. I watched a set of exercises and at the same time followed it, also there are DVD’s for working out.

Remember you just need to start and if you cant keep yourself motivated, ask your friend and workout together!

4. Dont Cheat

You know in reality you are only cheating yourself. Do you think it is okay to stop when the workout is still going? No, it is not okay, the only person you are cheating is yourself!

5. Be Patient

You need to know that everything is a progress, and nothing happens over night. If you just started working as an entry level, do you think you will be the manager tomorrow? No, don’t think so. Don’t be the person that works out once a week and expect to see results.  I hate to break it to you but there will be none.

Bottom Line

There’s absolutely no way to get results over night and setting goals is so important. For me it has taken a while to get used to but now it is honestly so satisfying to see the results and ability to pull more weights than before. Also do not rely on any of the supplements especially the muscle one’s, don’t be one of those people.