Spring Break is approaching and if you are missing out on it this year because of financial problems that is completely fine. This time of the year also marks the best time to start planning your summer vacation and to score best deals possible. Firstly, I want to list the major drawback for students, it is likely financial issue: traveling or going somewhere more than once a year could be very expensive for a student budget. The good news is that I will help you in this article to make the most of summer break if you are missing out on the spring break or not of course, or maybe you just need advices for the summer, the point is: you’ve come to the right place.

If you are still planning going on spring vacation and need advices, check out list of best destinations to go for students in 2018.

Here are some quick basic tips to know for everybody to travel on budget to save the most amount of $$$ when traveling

  • Choose hostels to stay in for your travels (Make sure you do your research on place first though)
  • Fly Indirect: Get round-trip flight from a major city to a major city for example LAX (Los Angeles) to CDG (France, Paris), then from there it will be cheaper to travel throughout Europe.
  • Avoid transportation: If you are in a healthy condition then walking will be your best bet. My first day in Paris I walked 22 miles and was able to see and explore so much more than just paying someone to drive me around. You will get to see those weird little streets that you wouldn’t pay attention when using transportation.

Now, let’s jump into how to make the most of your summer break:

1. Get an Internship

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Ok, well how is that fun? The reason I placed it as the first one is because it is absolutely essential to gain more experience in the field you want to work in the future. This will be so beneficial for you in the long run. The best part is that this will give you a sole purpose to only focus on the job and not worry about your tests or anything that is school related. Employers want real world experience this days, having this experience will already put you over competition for your dream job position. If the internship is paid, then it sweetens the deal.

So, get going and see why creating LinkedIn profile early is so important for a College Student.

2. Skipping Spring Break Vacation? Now is the Time to Start Planning for Summer

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If you are skipping on your spring break because of financial problems or maybe you need to catch up on papers that are due soon after the spring break. This time of the year marks the best time to score best deals on traveling including flights and hotels for the summer, so start planning!

You can refer to my deals page to see what websites and cards I use for traveling. See the prices for yourself from booking.com website to plan and book hotels.

3. Take Summer Course

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Taking a summer course have a lot of benefits. Just don’t take a major classes because most likely you will be stressing out much more and it is also shorter which means 2x or even 3x more pressure. Last year I took two summer courses that were part of my GED and were relatively easy so I was able to manage them. Both courses were online and I was able to travel at the same time. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Minus two classes for me now.

Taking a summer course is also beneficial, maybe you dropped the class before from overload or didn’t have a good semester and failed it. Summer is the best time to get caught up on those classes or get ahead of course. If you are able to take the class online and travel at the same time, that is absolutely the best thing you can do, but plan spending few hours here and there while you are vacationing.

4. Start on the Project you Have Been Delaying

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Have you been delaying work on your car? Or maybe you you wanted to start a blog? Wanted to start your Youtube channel? Well this is the best time to start working on it. Use your summer to actually start and work on the project.

5. Get fit

Yes, this is me. I started around summer 2 years ago and just gotten into a habit. This is my progress so far. And before you say anything, this is 100% all natural, I have never taken any supplements nor ever will.

Have you been talking about getting fit but it hasn’t been working out? Summer time might be the best time to get in habit and achieve that fitness body you always wanted.

6. Camp Around the Country

If you cannot afford going to another country or just don’t feel like it or you just not into traveling. Consider getting your friends together, this also marks the best time if you are back home and want to stay in touch with your high school friends, a great opportunity to get together and plan out the trip around the country. IT might feel awkward but once you get the right people to go with you and right amount of (necessities 🙂 ) you are all good to go.


 And Lastly and Most Importantly…


7. Make a Summer Bucket List

(credits to Musely for this image)

Create a bucket list of summer things that you want to do, or at least start writing them down. Trust me doing this will help you to look forward to things that you are planning out to do in the summer. This is just an example  of things to get your mind going.

Bottom Line

It is very important to make every break especially summer worth it. Just a little sad truth, you will never get this same summer again, it is alway different, maybe next summer but that could be it! Then you will enter the regular 9-5 job and will have to work every day and summers will become just another work days. So, start planning your summer and make it worth it to yourself please!