Best Spring Break Destinations for Students 2018

With spring break around the corner, it is a week where young people go somewhere hot, with the mind of no rules, and nobody will recognize you there. A week where you can do anything you would not do back home, but it is all for fun because we deserve this time off before the stressful time of the school year (finals). I have done research on best spring break destinations for students and wanted to share places where it is relatively cheap for our budget and most importantly all the fun we are looking for.

This is a compiled list of inside and outside of United States by top places to go.

Here are the cheapest and best spring break destinations for students:

1. Cancun, Mexico

This wouldn’t be a complete list without listing Cancun. Current exchange rate for US dollar to Mexican pesos is around 18.50 which is in our favor. Look for deals that are all-inclusive in pesos. This is the place known for college students during our spring break time off, packed with day parties, music festivals, and hundreds of motels available in the city to make the experience to the fullest. Best part of all, you need some bathing suits and sunglasses because that is all you will be needing if you are going to Cancun, Mexico. So, start shopping now for the tickets because being one of the most popular destination, the prices tend to go up rather quickly. Reserve now, click here to begin.

Something to know: not 21 yet? (you know what I mean) well it doesn’t matter in Mexico.

2. Daytona, Florida 

Florida during spring break is another place that college students for their spring break. With Florida hitting 80 degree average, tons of cheap hotels, and so much to experience. There’s always a party waiting for you during the spring break times. With prices for the night starting in the $45 will surely accommodate your budget. See the deals for yourself.

Something to know: You will have to be 21 to experience the place to to the fullest. Last thing you want is to get in trouble and I would hate to be the one that recommended you that place.

3.Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a gorgeous place to go and you cannot go wrong choosing this place for your spring break get away. Now, Puerto Viejo is known for being capital cool of the country. This is also one of the most popular destinations in the world. There is a lot to experience because the city always has energy especially during the spring break. Ready to book?

Something to know: The prices are not really “budget savvy” with hotels starting at around $50 but if you can afford it then go and you will have a great time!

Also consider San Juan, Puerto Rico

4. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios is another great place to go for your college spring break. No wonder It is a place for many cruise lines. It is best known for it’s as many refer to “paradise” with  tropical mountains, clear water, and gorgeous beaches. There is so much to do because it is a popular spot from renting a quad bike, white river kayaking, horse riding and much more.. See the prices for yourself and if you like it, book it.

Something to know: Flight ticket will cost from $200 to $300 most likely, it is not relatively cheap but you are going to an island, that price is not expensive if comparing to other islands.

5. Bali, Indonesia

You ,must of hear of Bali because this place is a to go place if you are sick and tired of Florida and looking for a nice exotic vacation now. When you are tired of the beaches, there are a lot of places to explore. Consider using Airbnb for your trip to stay in Bali for $40 off your first stay though this link.

6. Southern California

And lastly as top destination. This is where I actually reside currently if you read “about me” page. Very thankful to live at a place like this and you cannot go wrong if you come here with many beaches available along the beautiful and well known “Pacific Coast Highway”. If you never been here, consider your spring break here.

Something to know: Because I know Southern California rather well, you can email me and ask me any questions about Southern California if you consider it as your go to place for spring vacation.


Other places that are high ranked for students and picked by Student Money Adviser are worth looking at:

  1. Nassau, Bahamas
  2. Cabo, Mexico
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. South Padre Island, Texas
  5. Punto Cana, Dominican Republic
  6. Panama City Beach, Florida

Consider referring to my page for deals:

Follow Student Money Adviser on instagram to stay up to date on everything.

Bottom Line:

With spring break approaching I hope you are getting prepared for midterms as they are also right around that time. Don’t delay your trip planning and jump on it as soon as possible because every day at this moment prices are going up.

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