We all need to live somewhere or simply have a roof over our heads with stable job and income. The great news is that there are actually states and cities that are looking to attract young people and offering money just to live there even as high as $80,000 or pay off your loans!

Let’s dive in right away to U.S Places That Will Pay You to Just Live There

1. Detroit, Michigan (Opportunities and Jobs for Young People)

Ever thought about moving to Midwest? City of Detroit may have you covered, and the city could land you a job there. Check out Challenge Detroit and its companies that are offering jobs to young people to work and live there.

I know a few people that just love Michigan and who knows, maybe it is for you as well. Why not make it a visit and maybe even moving there?

2. Kansas State (Student Loans and No Tax on Income)

If you have student loans and want to get rid of them, then Kansas state is the way to go. Kansas will help you pay down your student loans. If you relocate to one of Kansas state’s Rural Opportunity Zones you can qualify for student loans repayment for up to $15,000 for five years and as a new state resident you might also qualify for state income waivers for up to five years.

Pretty great deal if you want to try something different and while doing so you get your student loans help and no income tax for five years! I say that is a great place to go and earn as much as possible and if you don’t like it, you can always move.

3. New Haven, Connecticut ($80,000 in Incentives)

New Haven is home to Ivy League school “Yale University”. It is also a great place to earn money if you buy a home because you can earn as much as $80,000 in incentives. The city’s program offers $10,000 for down payment, $30,000 towards renovation, and $40,000 towards college tuition.

A great way to experience a new place and maybe even you will like it and stay there. Can’t beat the $80,000 that you can get and school for you or your children can be covered.

4. Harmony, Minnesota (Cash Rebate)

You can build home here and get $12,000 cash rebate. There are no minimum requirements in term of income, age, or any other restrictions.

Pretty easy money here but make sure you visit this town before you consider it because it could be completely different from anywhere you lived at.

5. Marne, Iowa (Free Land)

If you are not a people person and always wanted to have your own farm, then this is the place to go. The town as of 2016 consisted of 116 people and offers free land when you consider building a home 1,200 square feet or more.Check out this cool little video and official site for the information regarding free lot.

Could be a great way to start a little farming business if you ever wanted or considered it and free land you know what they say. Population is growing and I’m sure many people over the next decade jump to get free land here.

6. Baltimore, Maryland (Incentives for Buying House)

Historic city and is rather large that offers some great cash for people who purchase home through their program. You can get $10,000 plus the closing costs and also you can get another $5,000 if you buying through their Baltimore program.

This is a pretty great deal in a historic city and is rather large.

7. Alaska (Extra Monthly Income of $1,100 as of 2017)

This state has been paying its residents to live there for 5 decades now with Fund Reserve. This payout is accumulated through oil royalties and are divided up evenly by its residents. In 2017, it was $1,100 per person. There are also many low loan opportunities available if you need some money.

What a wonderful place to move, definitely not for everyone because of its winters and long days with light but if you are into snow and beautiful aurora and many more other things you can experience in Alaska, then it is a great place to go. If you work remotely, then this is $1,100 extra on top of what you make today.

8. Vermont State ($10,000 for Moving to this State and Working from Home)

This is the most recent place that passed this law in May of 2018 to grant $10,000 if you are willing to move there and work remotely for a company based outside Vermont. This state is not just another state, but upon researching I found that this state is very beautiful and a great city to choose.

Have thought of ever working from home? This is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to try something different. Also, don’t forget to check out images on quick internet search for beautiful landscapes in this state

Bottom Line

I believe that this is a great opportunity for anybody and if you ever wanted a change in your life, I believe the best way to do so is to move to another place. Best part? It does not have to be permanently, you can move for a few years, claim the benefits and just move back or go somewhere else.

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