You can already see the light at the end of your college career. You got everything you need to finish: those sweet spring break plans, class schedule, motivation, great grades, and your imagination of finally stepping into the real world. You have everything except one thing  – enough money to get you through the school year. For many students just like me, holding a standard full or part-time job is nearly impossible to manage with our every semester class changing schedules and extra-curriculum activities. The answer is though, there are plenty of job opportunities that can fit into our hectic schedules. We just have to know where to look for them. This is why I  created this post on ways to earn extra money while working toward degree.
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 1. Freelance Work

Pay: $50+ per article as a writer or content editor for example.

This is a great way to earn money if you are in a certain field or just enjoy doing something. Are you good at Microsoft Excel? good writer? love to design the logos? these are just few I listed but the opportunities are limitless. The best part about doing freelance is that you can work from anywhere and it’s all done online. Here’s how it works let’s do a Microsoft Excel job:

1. Customer places an order and give you instructions and amount of time

2. You do the requested job, takes you few days to complete (within the time frame as an example)

3. You submit the job and when the customer accepts it, you get paid.

Now, this is not a joke gig, you really need to be good at something, you will receive rating and you will give ratings, so can’t trick the system. This is a business responsibility because you are offering services to customers.

Here are the websites I recommend that I currently use myself for some projects. Check them out, you will be amazed what people do.


2. Donate Your PlasmaImage result for donating blood

Pay: $70/week = $280 month

This one might sound strange but I had to throw it on here just because I’ve heard many students doing this and you don’t have to do anything physically and you can bring your books to read or study. The process is pretty simple, a quick physical and then a nurse will draw blood, this process will take less than two hours and can be done twice a week. Check out the requirements and locate the donor center.

3. Online Tutor


Pay: $14-20/hour or more

Are you the person your friends ask you for the help with Algebra? Calculus? or any other subject? Well, consider joining online tutoring. It is not just academic, you could also focus on extracurricular talents like fashion, nutrition, music, art just to name a few. Check out few websites for to become an online tutor.


Wyzant Tutoring

4. Transcriptionist

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Pay: $15-25/hour or more

If you are good at writing while listening. This position requires flexible hours and workloads. Overall the work sound pretty simple as just listen to audio and type what you hear. But not so easy after all because there will be a lot of repetition and a lot of attention to detail. You know when you call to some company and they say that “this call might be recorded for quality assurance” or something like that. The people that are behind it are transcribers to provide the calls in text to companies as requested.

Here are few companies to get you started:

Transcribe Me


 5. Social Media Manager

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Pay: $14-40/hour

Are you good with Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter etc…? You can manage social media accounts for companies. This can be a great way to earn money and also a great way to connecting with businesses you like. You will be the person behind marketing for social media platforms. You will be promoting content and deals and also interacting with followers. This is a great way to earn marketing because social media as I am learning is so important in today’s day and age.

You need to know the platform inside out and if you already do then great for you! You know in smaller companies you will be needed because there might be a lot of people that are unfamiliar with any social platform or even all. Great job for students and I highly suggest it.

6. Become an Uber/Lyft Driver

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Pay: varies

This job is more of a physical job that requires personal car with certain requirements. You can check out my post and experiences and should you do it as an Uber/Lyft Driver . Great way to make money while you are at school and need extra cash but if you love your car consider other options . The BEST part is you can go online at any time so it is very flexible.

You can earn a bonus $600+ (varies by location) by signing up through this link and completion of certain amount of rides (changes frequently).

For Uber enter invite code: richardb33288ue right here.

As a rider for Lyft you will get $5 if you use this link.

As a rider for Uber you will get free first ride by using this link.

7. Become a Blogger

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Pay: varies

This is what I do, and I love it. There’s a constant learning in having a blog involves. The main thing is finding a niche that you you are good at and sharing, helping others is something you want to do, then consider starting to blog.

In my case, I am a finance major and love everything that has to do with money, and ways to make it. I love to share my experiences with others because it is not fun to be worrying about money especially as a student. Blogging is a responsibility, you will need to manage your time, promoting it to earn a passive income from reader that visit your suite. As a successful blogger you will be making money from sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, relevant to your topic advertising.

Bottom Line

There are so many ways to make extra money, you just have to find out what you want to do. I created this ways to  earn extra money while working toward degree posts, so you could get an idea of the possibilities. Meanwhile feel free to contact me if you want some assistance and I can help you with your decision. I will be updating this post as new opportunities come up on ways to earn extra money while working toward degree.

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