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I am the author and a person behind this blog, R.C Barnett IV. Long story short – I went from zero savings and worry about my finances after high school to financial independence and saving and reinvesting majority of my income into a better future. At this time, I can touch almost every aspect relating to finances including financial responsibility, low-impact, engaged, frugal lifestyle and I am documenting my journey here on this blog.

A little about me,

I am a student studying finance and aspire to be in financial industry. I am thankful to be living in a beautiful Southern California. On my free time, I like to hang out with friends at the beach and my most recent hobby has become riding motorcycle on warm days on well-known Pacific Coast Highway, and travel the world for cheap, yes I will guide you on how to score when it comes to travel.

But what I discovered recently is that I love to be up-to-date with technology that relates to finance or in other words “financial news with technology” combined. Technology is booming and financial start-up companies is our future, and staying up to date is crucially important for our future. I will help you and myself to be updated with all the financial opportunities and make college finances stress-free. Believe me, I live and breathe on the news and new ways to make money on the side and that is why I created this blog.

To sum this blog up for you in a simple sentence: Saving/Growing/Investing tips, & articles for every young professional to build passive income and wealth for the future.

I’ve created this blog because I currently am in the position where money is a deficit and racking up debt is not a way to go, and I am well aware that many others are in the same situation.

Ok, I am sure you have read enough about me now, so here’s overview of what this site is about:

  •  Ways to Make Money – without doing anything (content will be added and updated frequently)
  • Travel and travel dealsLet’s agree we love to travel but it is costly, I will share my plans and ways to get best deals. (In development)
  •  Student Financial newsLet’s be updated on only what actually matters to us.
  • I will constantly keep you updated on our favorite Apple devices deals. Don’t say no to new devices, I will let you know when it is time to buy.
  • Learning the basics of personal finance
  • Saving/Growing/Investing – Because this is a pathway to a successful financial future.

And much more… I will add and eliminate things that we are most interested & not interested as the blog progresses, I promise I will make your time worth it.

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