My First visit to Barcelona and I admit that I fell in love with the city. Barcelona has inspired me with its life particularly with its history, people, lifestyle, many entertainment activities, beautiful beaches, and its delicious food. There is always something to do and it MUST be on everybody’s list to visit this city. I even started considering going to Business school here for my post bachelor degree (yes, the city is BEST pick for young adults!). The spirit in this city is just screaming for action life! Let’s talk about everything you need to see, do, and experience because you will have absolutely wonderful time here and I want to make it easy for you.

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What I go over in this post

Getting From/To Airport
Things to See and Do
Places to Stay (Hostel)
Food and Drinking
Bottom Line Review

Getting From/To Airport, Barcelona

Getting from and to airport in Barcelona is rather simple and can be done by a bus or a metro. I used bus getting from and to the airport and cannot complain. You can also opt in to use taxis or Uber but if you are on the budget – consider staying away from private cars and use transportation the city offers.

Things to See and Do

Be aware that Barcelona is a fairly big city, with a lot of areas to cover and see, which to me makes it a great experience. The great part is that you will most likely spend less time on the metro/ bus services to get from one sight to another because there is just so much to see in every part of this beautiful city. There are many tours available on Trip Advisor or Viator, but I would recommend to really plan it all out by yourself because there is just so much information available with a quick google search or simply this post.

Lets jump onto what you MUST see and do in Barcelona

  • Sagrada Familia – This is the biggest attraction in Barcelona and honestly all around the world. many people consider this building very ugly… and it is… But it’s not ugly in terms of bad but instead it it ugly to level of fascination of how actually beautiful the Gaudi architecture is. Pictures don’t do justice, you need to see it for yourself and trust me – you will be blown away. made sure you secure a fast-pass if you want to go inside because you could spend hours in line.
  • Gothic Quarter – This is a historic center in Barcelona and truly a gem place with real Spanish streets to wonder around. You will find yourself walking around through maze streets with many shops and restaurants.I would recommend going here both during the day and night because it is a completely different feel wandering around the Gothic Quarter. Some other highlights you will find in Gothic Quarter is/are: Picasso Museum, Gothic Cathedral, and Barcelona History Museum.
  • Park Güell – Another Gaudi’s gem to visit. This is a big  complex and you will really enjoy it. It is free to enter. (Pic below)

  • Casa Batllo – Another fascinating Gaudi’s piece of work. This sport is very popular and I was there early in the morning and noticed that lines are not as bad. Again, consider getting your tickets online.
  • Casa Mila This is another famous building by Gaudi, a short walk from Casa Battlo.
  • Placa de Catalunya – So much history here and is considered to be a center of Barcelona. This is also where a wide range of transports that you can catch because it it is a centre. Hostel I stayed at was a block away from here and couldn’t be better to get from airport and back simply by walking a block.
  • Las Ramblas – Stroll though Las Ramblas street. I’ll warn though, this is a very busy and touristy place. There are also a lot of people that are trying to sell “interesting” things to you as you walk by them and at night it gets even more interesting. After walking once you will most likely get over it but it is well worth the experience and people watching. Food will be much more expensive here.
  • Harbor Cable Car – A 1450-meter cable connecting Barcelona nad Montjuic. Arriving up on Montjuic hill you can enjoy the view of the beautiful Barcelona. Be aware though, many people complain how long it actually takes to get on one and recommend only taking it one way.
  • El Borne – It is a neighborhood containing shopping centers and plazas. Great place to have lunch at.
  • Beaches – If you are going to Barcelona, your trip is not complete unless you visit the famous beaches.

Places to Stay

Finding a great deal on accommodation at a great location in a city like Barcelona where tourists are year round is something that you need to know and book in advance.

I chose to stay at two different hostels based on their reviews and had amazing time at both, you really can’t go wrong choosing either of them. One of the hostels I stayed at is Sant Jordi Rock Hostel and the other is St. Christopher’s In. You can find other great and ONLY top rated Barcelona Hostels here if you are planning staying at a hostel.

Although I would recommend the hostels that I stayed at, both of the hostels offer great choice for solo travelers with activities, night crawls, bar, and great service! Sant Jordi even has a rooftop pool! It was great to get inside pool after a long day out at a beautiful Barcelona.


Even though there has been a lot of crackdown on Barcelona’s AirBnb listings in the centre, there are still some great locations available. If you have never tried AirBnb, try it and you will get a discount on your first booking with this link.


Another great option and since Spain is relatively affordable – choosing good hotel in a great location is possible without braking the bank. Check out for some of the best and budget friendly hotels through here on

Food and Drinking

I know, I know… A burger picture? Well, actually I was not intending to post that but I ended up going to this place 3 times when I was around that area. This place called “Bro Burgers y Bocatas Argentinos” and is absolutely amazing and very affordable and filling. If you are coming from the beach or Harbor Cable car, you must try this place.

Another great place I recommend to eat especially for lunch is Cerveceria Catalana, located just a couple of blocks from the main shopping avenue of Passeig de Gracias.

Overall the food is very affordable almost everywhere but for full experiences I highly suggest staying away from tourist traps because you will find restaurants much more expensive. The whole secret to eating out in other countries is the ability to have the full experience.

Bottom Line Review

Even though I have seen almost everything in this city I can still see myself coming back many more times and I cannot wait! This city tops my favorite city on this Europe trip. This will also definitely top the favorites list for any young traveler because of unlimited entertainment available in a city that never sleeps.

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