Ahh… Copenhagen, Denmark… A city that was on bottom of my list at first but now one of my favorites. See my Copenhagen Student Review for everything you need to know before you visit this city, including places to see, stay, things to do, and much more… Copenhagen offers astonishing beautifully designed colorful buildings, modern architecture, scenic views, great nightlife, boats, and many restaurants. It’s like a spirit in this city saying “Life is great here!”

Copenhagen packs a lot in this city, but let’s be real here it is not very affordable. The best part, you can cover almost everything in just a few days. If I were to come here for a week, I would definitely wander around outside of the city if this is your case. (Currently 100 DKK is approximately $15.50+/-)

Let’s jump right into everything you need to know about visiting Copenhagen, Denmark as a student.

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Getting From/To Airport
Things to See and Do
Places to Stay (Hostel modern and unique)
Getting Around (Bike Rental)
Food and Drinking
Bottom Line Review

Getting From/To Airport, Denmark

Getting from airport and to the airport is relatively easy with their easy to use metro system and it take about 15 minutes to get from airport to the center and back. Using metro will cost you about (40 DKK) $6.25 or $12.50 roundtrip and the best part is that everything you need to see can be covered just by walking.

Make sure you check out a website I use to book all my flights Skyscanner.

Things to See and Do

As I mentioned, you can cover everything by foot if you do your research and plan accordingly. The are also companies that offer free walking tours of the city. One of them is “Sandman’s Free Tour” which is a 2.5 hours tour that starts at 10am, 11am, and 2pm and covers pretty much everything you need to know. There is another one free option available that offers a “grand tour” by “Copenhagen Free Walking Tours“.

If you don’t have a plan and just there for a few days, the good news is you can really see things just by walking around and honestly it is a very relaxing city and you can really see things as you go.

  • Visit Nyhavn and just walk around – Nyhavn is epicenter for tourists and if you just want to see people, this is the place to go. You can see many locals sitting around at the restaurant along the water and a wonderful place to explore.
  • Visit Rundetårn – A great place to visit and it provides a wonderful view of the city. There are no stairs, you just go up in a twist and turn instead. Then on top, there’s a beautiful view of the city.
  • Rosenborg Gardens – Another wonderful place. It was build by one of the most famous kings “Christian IV”, and used to be vegetable patch, now acres of flower beds, sculptures, people picnicking, and playing games.
  • Beer Tasting at Norrebro Bryghus – As you may know, Europe loves beer, and you will see people drinking beer day and night, it’s normal to see someone drinking beer at 6 am. Visit the Carlsberg family art and tour their brewery.
  • At Night, Visit Tivoli Gardens Beautiful place and was inspiration for Walt Disney for Disneyland.
  • If You are there in Summer – If you are there during summer, make sure you take a dive at  Islands Brygge Harbour Bath and Sluseholmen Harbour Bath.
  • Free Museums –  National GalleryBrede WorksDanish Music MuseumOpen Air MuseumNational MuseumThere are other free museums but offer free entrance on certain day, so do your research.
  • Christiania – Come here to see some beautiful beer gardens, colorful wall murals and if you smoke weed, this place you can buy legally and smoke, if it’s not your thing than just come here for people watching.
  • Danish National Gallery – This place has great art from Picasso Matisse, and Rembrandt.

Place to Stay (Hostel – modern and unique)

I stayed at Steel House in Copenhagen and I loved my stay here. This hostel is really behind its rating and everything seemed to be just perfect for my stay. I had a 4-bed room and the room was very modern especially for youngsters. There is pool (yes pool! Although they charge for it 4 euro but still its a pool!), bar, games, garage, and its central location is just makes it a perfect place to stay.

(My 4-bed dorm)

It was very comfortable, clean, large lockers, nice and warm water, and most importantly AC worked. One thing I want to point out though is the shower sink area is very small and I found myself struggling to even brush my teeth, so something to know.


Consider staying at someones place with AirBnb because the prices could be much more reasonable than staying at hotels. Check it out for yourself and you can get credit for $40 off for signing up through my link.


You can definitely consider staying in hotel but you will most likely will not find a great deal unless you book way in advance or will have to be outside of the city and take the bus or metro to the city, so make sure it is worth it. The best option I believe is AirBnb in Copenhagen from my perspective.

Getting Around (Bike Rental)

Even though you can walk around, you can also rent a bicycle from the city’s known “Bycyklen” where you can pick up  a bike from one spot to drop off at another for 30 DKK an hour. Very cool bikes with GPS built-in to make it more convenient for you to navigate the city.

Food and Drinking

This is where you need to be careful… Since Denmark is not very affordable, the food especially is where it gets you. You can eliminate the worry of food by eating at curtain places like Shaurma where for about 4-5 Euros you can get filled up pretty good.

Another great street food option is street food on Paper Island that just recently reopened in May of 2018. There is food of every kind from many cultures and countries around the world and you can literally find every kind of food there. Here is the link to the Copenhagen Street Food.

If you just want to have a drink then the bars and restaurant could be a little too expensive.  Find a marketplace and buy your booze there and head over to the Nyhavn and enjoy your drink while watching people passing by. Also, look into restaurant deals by services like Yelp.

Cooking your own meals in Copenhagen will be the best option if you are going on a budget.

Bottom Line Review

Personally I wish I spent a little more time in Copenhagen because I loved it there and definitely on my next trip I will consider spending few days in this beautiful town. I was not expecting much to get from this town but oh boy it was so worth it and I’m glad I was able to spend some time here. Even though Copenhagen is not very budget friendly, you can really manage to get by with around 350-400 DKK or $55-63 a day which is pretty reasonable when you stay at a hostel and eat out a little and you can also lower this number but this is very reasonable cost. And as it goes, it will cost you more if you stay in nicer accommodations and eat out a lot.

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