Palma de Mallorca has been named the best city to live in the world by UK “Sunday Times” and welcomes millions of visitors every year. A city in Spain you must go if you want affordable resort experience that is only about 45 minutes away from Barcelona by a flight. Palma doesn’t offer much of history but still brings some great experiences – beautiful beaches, old town with narrow streets, great restaurants, and a wide choices of entertainment. Don’t forget to check out my review on Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany.

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  • Things to See and Do
  • Places to Stay (Hostel modern and unique)
  • AirBnb
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  • Food and Drinking
  • Bottom Line Review

Getting From/To Airport, Palma Mallorca

Getting from and to airport is relatively easy and cheap. It costs 5 euros to take a bus from the airport that takes you to the middle of the city, you will not get lost as it is very easy to navigate and understand how the busses work. I would highly recommend if you are from US is to have T-Mobile because of its coverage almost everywhere in the world without any fees. Taxis are of course another option but pricier.

One thing you should know is if you are planning saving on this trip and use bus like  I did then make sure that you are not flying out early in the morning because this is the only time when bus schedule is different from the day time and less frequent, so do your planning.

Things to See and Do

As I mentioned earlier, the city doesn’t offer much of sights to visit nor really worth it other than enjoying the time at the beach. I have talked to a few people that did the hop on and off bus tours and they did not find anything rather interesting other than the castle that stands in city of Palma.

Staying here 2-3 days is more than enough to enjoy the beach time and some real Spanish city feel with great restaurants and entertainment. Staying more than 3 days, consider visiting other parts of town to get different feel for the city.

Some of best Palma’s attractions are found really in the heart of the city and is very close to each other.

Here are sights you need to see

  • Palma Cathedral (picture above) – This is definitely the main attraction in Palma Mallorca and it really is one of the finest and largest Gothic style structures.
  • Royal Palace – You can really wonder around the rooms and get some history and maybe even you might see the King and Queen of Spain that “suppose to” reside there 🙂
  • Castle of Bellver – Is definitely a must see because this place has some great history. Castle of Bellver used to be a summer residence for Royals and later became a prison. The graffitis you will see were carved by the prisoners. Fee is 4€ but check out the rates for yourself because you might qualify for a discount or even free entrance.
  • Beaches – If I were to go back, it would only be for its beaches and  many activities like sailing, resorts, and great entertainment.
  • Casa Robert Graves – If you are into biographies, this is the place to visit. This place covers his whole life from beginning to an end and even his every day belongings.
  • Monestir de Lluc – Great place to visit and learn some history

Places to Stay


Absolutely the best hostel I have ever stayed at called Pura Vida Hostel. I’ve had absolutely wonderful experience staying with them and met some great people in my two nights there. This hostel offers so much in terms of your stay and even has a roof top (see the image above). This is the view from the roof, absolutely stunning place to watch a sunset and sunrise and take a look how close you are to the main tourist attraction in Palma (Palma Cathedral). You really can’t go wrong choosing this place for your stay.


Another options are hotels but book in advance as it is becoming a very touristic place and hotels book up really quick and are pricey which is normal for the place like this. Booking well ahead of time will secure you a great deal. has some of the best deals available.


Initially I actually planned on using AirBnb for my stay in Palma but places book up really fast as I mentioned about hotels above. Booking ahead is really a secret to securing a great spot at a place like this.

Never tried AirBnb? Try it and get credit for $40 for signing up though my link.

Food and Drinking

There are hundreds of bars and restaurants available from all over the world. You can definitely find traditional Spanish food and many others which actually made my stay much more interesting in terms of eating out. You can’t go wrong with Spain and you will absolutely love everywhere you go. Just do your research with places by using Yelp and Trip Advisor.

Bottom Line

I have really enjoyed my short stay of 2 days in Palma Mallorca and will go back in the future if I ever need some sun tanning, delicious traditional dishes and great beaches. You can’t go wrong with choosing Palma Mallorca for your vacation if you need some sun but if you want more of a party place then choose Ibiza or Barcelona for its nightlife.

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