When it comes to investing, it doesn’t have to be hard and many investing companies are making it easier than ever to start investing. One of the major goals at Student Money Adviser is to encourage younger people to start doing something with your money than just letting it just sit there, with best possible and easy to use platforms like M1 Finance. Don’t forget, you can get a free stock from Robinhood if you sign-up through here.

M1 Finance is innovative platform that combines automatic rebalancing, tax efficiency, recurring deposits, or in other words robo-advising. The simple to use portfolios you choose is one of the best ways for any beginner to start with and most importantly learn how investing works. You can choose from a variety of portfolios available – you can even copy Wall Street experts portfolios, or of-course building your own. For experienced investors – you can distribute the “pies”(how your money is divided up) by adding self-selected ETFs and stocks. All of this features and more is available to you for free, as long as you open an account with just a minimum of $100.

Some Quick Facts before I dive into discussion: Currently there are over 25,000 accounts and $100+ Million is Assets.

Choose Portfolio and Forget About It

Rather than the money just sitting in your checking account and doing nothing, consider investing it. Humans need to have options especially when it comes to investing. Investing is not for everyone and not everybody knows how to build a proper investment portfolio for the best returns. For that reason M1 Finance have a simple solution: you can just choose one of the default options and forget about it, yes – really just forget about it. This option is particularly great for newbies because it does not require for you to do anything else other than just checking-in once in a while to see where you stand and see your money grow.

The key of a successful investment portfolio is the ability to rebalance regularly, in other words, “buying low, selling high”. M1 Finance does that for you automatically.

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Who M1 Finance is Best For?

As it goes with everything, M1 Finance is not for everyone. However, if you prefer to invest into ETFs or individual stocks, then M1 Finance is the cheapest option available – along with Robinhood.

M1 Finance is an excellent option for investors like students or any beginner because it does not require you to put much time or effort into it and honestly the best platform if you are just starting out.

If you aren’t completely sol on M1 Finance, you can actually try and see how it works for yourself without entering any bank information. You can give a try to M1 Finance and look over the portfolios available before pulling the trigger, signing up takes a few minutes and it will be worth the time.

Alternatives to M1 Finance

M1 Finance has high reviews with 4.5 stars average based from 2,350+ reviews on App Store. The strong hand M1 Finance provides is that their services are fee-free.

There are alternatives available to M1 Finance and from my perspective another great option for you to try is micro-investing company Acorns because of its many resources available like “grow” magazine that includes very interesting and encouraging articles and resources to grow your money and I find myself reading every article because they are just that interesting. Acorns has really been making the headlines lately everywhere with new features. You can get free $5 if you sign up through here to try it for yourself or read about it in my post here.

Bottom Line

I really love where the technology going and how user-friendly all the apps are becoming. M1 Finance is a great choice for beginners to learn the basics of investing and with their new features being added, they are making the platform better than ever. I think you should put a few minutes of your time and check it out for yourself.

Learning to invest is something that is a constant learning process and companies like this are really striving to introduce people to investing. Remember how a penny ($0.01) turns into $10.7 million dollars in 31 days?

Don’t forget to check out Robinhood that will give you a free stock for signing up!

Also Acorns that will get you started with free $5.

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