Rome – a city filled with thousands of years of history. You can find wonderful Roman ruins, Renaissance art, fantastic food, and well-known in the world sights like Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. This city really never sleep because there are always people out at night exploring. Rome is definitely a city to visit and make sure you visit the city during the day and night because you need to see the city at night.Let’s talk about everything you need to see, do, and experience because you will have absolutely wonderful time here and I want to make it easy for you.

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Getting From/To Airport
Things to See and Do
Places to Stay (Hostel)
Food and Drinking
Bottom Line Review

Getting From/To Airport, Rome

Getting from and to Rome airport is very easy because there are a lot of options as far as transportation goes. Only thing you should know is that you will not be able to take bus or train after the last one at around 11:30 that goes from airport and the morning one that arrives around 6 am at the airport. So, plan wisely especially if you are flying in late at night around 11 pm. It will take you about 15 minutes walking to get from airport to the train boarding area. I took a train which costed 17 euro one-way and takes about 30 minutes and was well worth it but still more expensive than I would want to pay.

Another option is of course taxi if you are flying in late but it will cost you around 60-80 euro. You can also opt in to use Uber which will run you also 60-80 euro but if you are on the budget – consider staying away from private cars and use transportation the city offers.

Things to See and Do

(Picture taken by me of “Roman Forum“)

I did not have much time in Rome but I certainly was able to see everything I wanted to see. This is a beautiful city with many world-known sights to see and Rome welcome millions of tourists every year and I’m not surprised because there are some of the most fascinating things to see and experience. These are the top picked places that I visited and should definitely be on your list of things to see in Rome.

  • Vatican City – A Vatican City is definitely a must see sight on the line with Colosseum. It is definitely a must see place and should be one of your first spots to visit. Some major highlights include St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum, and much more…
  • Coliseum – I believe that this piece of history is most widely known place and it really is after seeing it for myself! This is the place that was built by Romans to hold public entertainment or not  so entertainment like real gladiator fights and holding a large number of audiences as much as 80,000 people. Make sure you buy a pass to visit the inside and experience it for yourself. 
  • Roman Forum & Palatine Hill – Located near Coliseum which makes it perfect and convenient for you to visit. ( The picture above is the Roman Forum). This is definitely one of my top recommendations for you to visit after or before the coliseum with so much history!
  • Trevi Fountain – Another well-known place to visit, Trevi Fountain is one of the oldest water sources in Rome. The fountain is beautiful at night and definitely must see during the day and especially at night. The fountain is also known for one of the places to throw coins to, there is about 3,000 euro in coins thrown into the fountain every day! This tradition dates way back to Romans. Throwing one coin over the shoulder is asking for safe way home. Second coin if you are looking for love, and third coin for wedding bells.
  • The Pantheon – A very short walk from Trevi Fountain which makes it convenient to go straight here. This building has been standing here for 2,000 years and is fascinating when you see it, I mean 2,000 years?!
  • Piazza Navona – Another wonderful spot that is near Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. This place features some nice gift shops, cafes, and restaurants. There are also performances which I found really cool as they really engage the public to participate. A perfect place to just sit down and enjoy the view.
  • Spanish Steps – This is a 135 step staircase that was opened in 1735 and today serves a wonderful stop to enjoy the people walking and imagine how many people have walked on these stairs.

Places to Stay

Finding accommodation is Rome is relatively easy and the two hostels I stayed at were my favorites out of my whole trip.

If you want action hostel and overall top rated as some of the best party hostels then stay at The Yellow HostelYou will have absolutely great time and everybody was so outgoing, I met so many amazing people and will definitely be back. The location is also very conveniently nearby everywhere you need to go or in the heart of the Rome with easy access to the train for the airport.

Another great hostel I switched to try is Free Hostels Roma which is particularly brand new and opened up this year. I just had to try for their amazing reviews from other people that stayed there and looking forward for this place to grow real fast over next few years!

You cannot go wrong choosing either of these hostels and will enjoy both of them.


You could score some amazing locations for your stay through AirBnb.

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Staying in hotels is another great option for your Rome stay and there are some great deals available for your stay, so you can’t go wrong choosing hotel for your stay in Rome. I use Booking site for almost every single one of my bookings and I highly suggest for you to check it out as well. You can check out some of the best deals and book your stay through here.

Food and Drinking

Ok, here comes I believe the best part of this post, I think you will develop appetite after reading this 🙂

Rome offers some of the best and most favorable foods in the world like pasta, pizza, and simply very satisfying foods and it is a tradition there! There is much more than just pizza, pasta.

Italy is known for some of the best foods and the pizza is honestly the best I have had. You really cannot go wrong choosing pizza and pasta to eat every day because it is that good.

Bottom Line Review

I really enjoyed my stay here in Rome and looking forward to come here again in the near future and explore more cities with fascinating Roman history and its delicious food available.

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