We all been in that position, that big test is coming up and there’s a strong chance that you are thinking all about that test or worse if you are in a position where many students find themselves (in the middle) in and it is the test that might decide your final grade. Or you even find yourself cramming everything at once with all the information you learning in that class, but what about other classes? you most likely also have other homework and this will put you off the right track for other classes.

Just for you to know, it is completely normal to feel stressed or develop anxiety. You want to do well, so you can progress on your dream future which you are studying for. I want you to succeed and achieve what you are destined for. So, here are proven ways for you to get a perfect score on your next text:

1. Eating Right

Your eating right habits might be great, but have you paid attention to your eating habits change when your tests coming up, think about it with your previous test. The stress from studying changes your eating habits because that’s just how it is. It is important that you get away from all of the “junk food” like pizza, soda, or donuts and substitute them for health snacks like fruits, veggies, and most importantly water. Water helps you to stay hydrated which provides excellent physical energy. Fruits are proven to help you to retain your memory, so they play crucial role in studying. It is never too late to try it out, next time substitute your coffee or any energy drink you consume for some fruits and veggies.

2. Keep your Electronic Devices Away

This one might be the toughest one, but it is also one of the most important one’s. Keep your electronic devices away from you and power them off. We are as humans with this technological advances get easily distracted by our phones going off. You need to make sure to power all of your electronic devices off and concentrate only on what you are studying for. Studies have proven that students perform much better without any distractions. Your social media can wait, but this class you are studying for is only taken once or do you want to take it again?

3. Rewarding Yourself with Your Favorite Candy

Try and reward yourself with your favorite treat every time you finish a section or a chapter. Do you like M&M’s? have a piece or few every time you finish reading that chapter. Now, by a treat I mean it “a treat” and not a sip of beer for every chapter. In that case, remembering is out.

4. Laughing

For your break, try and watch a funny youtube or whatever that makes you crank up. It is proven that laughing helps your brain to recover and process the information and at the same time making you awaken again. Have you wondered why some professors are so great? Think about why and also think about when you laughed at that professors joke and felt all energetic again? Well, laughing can work on every occasion. Next time, try to watch something funny as a break between.

5. Partner Up

I found this technique very helpful. If you can find somebody in that class that you think would make a great study-buddy, then you must try this technique and try to study with that classmate. Important part about this is you need to make sure that the person you want to study with wants to have a great grade in that class as you do. If you both don’t understand something, read and teach each other.

6. Listen to the Right Music

I have noticed that so many students listen to music when studying. Music can help and motivate you to stay productive but only with the right music. I use Spotify for many reasons but my favorite is the “Study”or”Calm” station. If you have a Spotify account, check it out, you will love it!


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