Let’s agree on one thing: going to school is not for everyone for many reasons. There’s nothing wrong with you not going to school, it’s also frustrating many times – but it is rewarding in the end. School takes time and is expensive. Thankfully over the past decade online education and online classes industry has grown and many institutions offer more and more online classes or even possibility of getting a whole degree online! In this post I want to talk about taking online classes and it’s benefits. I will touch two major questions: Convenience and Affordability.

I am currently taking 20-units load this semester which equal to my 6 classes and 3 of them are fully online. Having these three classes online really makes my day-to-day life much easier with being able to be in progress for my degree and do other things instead of spending every day at school. If you have a heavy load of classes as well, refer to my post on ways to manage heavy load of classes


One of the primary benefits of taking online classes is the convenience. When pursuing education, always comes the first thought of how am I going to manage everything together? The primary struggles that every student face when making this decision are:

  • Working the around schedules, work, class, etc..
  • Taveling to and from classes
  • Program not available that you want to pursue nearby
  • Obligations like family or personal

Taking online classes eliminates majority if not all of the common issues. Sure thing, school takes a lot of time from your time. But instead of. finding time traveling to the physical location of your classes, spending few hours in class, then traveling back home or work, you simply taking away time from yourself what you usually do like catching up on your favorite tv-show, exercising, time with your other half, etc… In the end advantages of taking online classes overcome the physical classes.

Freedom to Work and Learn at the Same Time

With online classes or education, you don’t have to deal with trying to work out schedules every semester or what if extra credit opportunity come up and you need it? are you able to just not show up or have a shift covered few days before? If not, then online classes  solve this major convenience problem.

The major advantage in the end is ability to be able to gain work experience while you are studying. The major issue students face after graduation is the ability to enter that workforce area you have been studying for. Lack of work experience after graduation is a major disadvantage that disqualify you from getting that job. To be successful and score a great job, you need to have a balance of both education and work experience. It is not the same as three decades ago where after graduating you would land a job. Keep in mind that this is just one advantage of taking online classes or education.

Last summer I was able to go on a nice vacation due to this fact that I had two classes online and guess what I am doing this summer again? Yes, travel and still take online classes.

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Tuition fees will most likely be cheaper than attending school physically. I can tell that from my experience over the past year by taking online classes. The primary cost comes in when considering books and having an e-book is cheaper. Right now in my case my professor is actually using a free learning software that we use and it is very modern and I didn’t have to pay a dime for any supplies. Some other ways you will save money are:

  • Housing: No need to live near campus. You will be able to live in cheaper areas  or continue living at home.
  • Transportation: You no longer need to drive back and forth or paying for parking
  • Books: Books are overpriced already but for online classes the possibility of digital books is very possible or even a free softwares.
  • Food: Always an issue between the classes, so no more spending on snacks or those expensive meals on campus

Online Education is as Good as Traditional

The online education industry for this reason has grown so much as I mentioned earlier in the post because of learning softwares and best of all majority if not all are very up-to-date online. I constantly find myself drifting in book that was written two decades ago because many things have changed especially technology and internet. Very looking forward to advancement of online education in the near future.

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Bottom Line

For any reason if you are planning on taking online classes or even going back to school and don’t want to leave a workforce you are in, then online classes is for you. In my case I am very thankful I am able to take some online classes online. I wouldn’t be here and running this student blog just because of the time I would of been spending in school.

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