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It is very easy to find ourselves in a heavy load of classes but it actually isn’t as hard as you think it is to manage a heavy load of classes. Once you read this post, and follow those guidelines and tips you will be surprised about what can be easily done for you to succeed in your daily schedule and excel in your classes at the same time.

I have found myself this semester taking 20 units and this first week has been rather stressful because everything is new from classes to people and new semester of-course. I don’t know about you but I tend to get very excited every semester because of new subjects and people I am about to meet.

Here are tips from Student Money Adviser on managing a heavy load of classes:

1. Reduce Your Work Time

We know it is important to earn money but it is definitely not worth failing a class over it. What is your primary goal of going to school then, you can always leave but don’t you just want to get it over with and get that degree? You must ask for your employer to reduce your working hours to whatever you think will be enough for you and subjects that you are taking. You can always look for another job that is higher paid and gives you the same amount of money but with less hours to put in. You might not think that your work affects your academic performance but I hate to break it to you because it does if you are a full time student and trying to pull everything on your shoulders.

2. Make Sure to Make Time For Hobbies

It doesn’t matter how many units you are taking or how many hours you are working, you MUST have a time off from everything. Do you like to watch your favorite show? go surf? workout? ride motorcycle? etc… You need to make sure you give yourself a break. This ensures that you get away from all of that stress and helps you to recharge your brain. Without having a time off you will find yourself boring out sooner or later and it is not a good experience because you just want to give up or drop everything to sum it up for you. Do yourself a favor and get some time off from your day when you are so busy.

When theres a long weekend or break have fun, I mean really go hard and have fun because that’s what this time off is for.

3. Drop a Class or Classes

This is pretty simple because if you can’t handle the load, just drop a class or few classes, you really don’t want to fail because why would you want to spend whole semester in this class knowing that you will not pass and then retake it again. Do so while you can, no reason to overload yourself. Cut down on that class that you can take next semester and focus more on other classes.

4. Skipping the Activities

We love to have fun but if you try and attend every party thrown or  joining every club you will only find yourself in more load and less time to focus. Focus on skipping the activities that you don’t love to do or stick to ones that are only once in a while or you know you can manage. Skipping activities like this will help you to have more things for important things like work and school.

5. Avoid Procrastinating

We are humans are very interesting in this subject because so many people love to leave things for the last minute. I mean I have nothing wrong with that if you are that way, it is normal because I’ve been there but you are really racing the time when it is a last minute thing and if it is an assignment for points you will find yourself getting bad scores because you have rushed through. Spreading assignments or reading day-to-day will help you to get best possible grade and will only benefit you in the long run. Just think of it as due dates few days before the actual date that it is due.

And Most Importantly…

6. Create a Schedule

I cannot recommend this enough because it is so important when you have so much going on is to create a schedule. How do you think people especially business people tend to keep up with everything that is going on and still spend time with their families? Well practicing this skill will make you excel in so many things in life. This is a very important skill to develop as early as possible.

If it is online class, set days and times for it, and actually log-in and go to class for few hours. If it is on campus then make sure you put enough time to study and homework.

Bottom Line

I am actually very excited to take 20 units and take this challenge of managing my lifestyle with still running this blog, part-time job, and having fun of course. Just remember there’s always a way out but unfortunately for the way in you will have to work, developing managing skills is so crucial, you cannot just give up and drop everything. I am wishing you a great semester ahead!