Recently I wrote about best streaming services for both music and your favorite tv-shows/movies. The clear winner of them all came in Spotify and Hulu Bundle subscription for students at $4.99/month. But what if you are not a student?

Spotify and Hulu announced another partnership. This offer targets everyone and your first 3-months are only $0.99(No longer available)then it goes up to $12.99/month which is still a smoking deal for the two combined.

Spotify has around 80 million subscribers at this moment.

This offer also works for people that are already subscribed with Hulu if:


  • You already have the Hulu Limited Commercials plan
  • You don’t have any Add-ons (e.g., HBO, Showtime)
  • You currently pay Hulu directly (and not through a third party)


To take advantage of this deal, just click here to get started.

*** You can also get 50% off for this month if you have Capital One Quicksilver card which brings your cost down to just $0.50 for the first month. You can read on it here. See your credit score report with 20% off


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