Let’s be real here, music plays a major part of our every-day life. Whether we go for a drive, study, or home just enjoying the evening. 

As a student, I found myself listening to music for at least 2 hours a day, even right now as I am writing this post I am listening to music. I wanted to do the work for you on how to get discounts for streaming choices as a student because if you are not doing it right, it can get very expensive and you might not be aware of discounts available for students.

I will only discuss about the one’s that majority of students actually use:

Here’s what I am going over in this post:

Traditional Way of Listening to Music (getting old)

Although it is still popular to load your favorite music and listen to it on-the-go, but this trend is fading away because we tend to get tired of the same music, thus this method requires us to spend some time and upload new music or replace our old music frequently. It is a hassle in the end and I have gotten away from that a while ago. Other reason is I kept running out of storage on my devices to store it all. Sounds familiar?

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What is Streaming Music?

If you know what streaming is, keep on reading on how to get discounts up to 50%.

Music streaming services is a new phenomenon of this age. If you are not familiar with what is music streaming is, it is a service where your music is delivered to your device on-the-go or via internet.

The major advantage of streaming music is the ability to stream a very high quality songs or content to your device. We know when the song is low quality right away and it is not fun to listen to at all. Well, music streaming solves this problem.

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Spotify premium costs $9.99 per month but Spotify premium for students brings it down to $4.99 per month (50% off). The student plan does not differ from regular plan in any way.

You can give it a try for a free month here

If you haven’t read my post on “Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card” and how I was paying $1.99 per month for both Hulu and Spotify you can read on it hereExpired

Spotify recently rolled out a deal with hulu where they partnered up to bring Hulu and Spotify (now with ShowTime as well) to students for the same $4.99 a month! That is a smoking deal!

Jump on it now before it disappears. You can read more and get started. Otherwise Hulu costs an extra $7.99 a month, you are basically getting it for free.

To take advantage of student discount from Spotify, you must submit information to verify that you are a qualifying student.

Student discount is active for 12 months, then you will have to renew it with them to keep track that you are actually still a student. They will send you a reminder when your discount is about to expire. You will be prompted to verify your information again.

Pros: High quality music, easy to navigate

Cons: Renewal every 12 months

Discount: 50% off

Apple Music

Apple has rolled out streaming service most recently and is getting it’s attention already. There’s also a free 3-month trial available and after that for students with 50% discount, it will run you $4.99 a month.

There are currently 50 million songs available on iTunes but not all are streamable.

If you are an iDevice (Apple) person like me, then you will find this to be a great addition.

Pros: free trial, apple system

Cons: doesn’t have every track available for streaming, limited devices

Discount: 50% discount for students


Pandora has been around for a while and you are most likely using it currently. Pandora has excellent free choice as well. You get to choose a radio you want to listen to and then by liking the song, it will play again in the future or disliking – will not play it again.

Pandora hands up has the best free plan but over the past few years they have really been pushing users to switch to their premium. One outcome of free subscription is that you have limitations and will have to listen to commercials. I don’t know about you but when I am doing an intensive workout and commercial kick in, I immediately lose tempo.

Another thing with free plan from Pandora is that it only allows you to skip six songs per hour. In fact, this was the primary reason for me to switch from Pandora. They made it very annoying when that notification comes up and you have to click on it and I was constantly missing it and clicking “upgrade” instead of cancel.

Pandora unfortunately does not have student options, but their plans are relatively similar or the same to competitors.

There are a lot of discounts for free months from websites that offer coupons like retailmenot and groupon.

Here are the options:

Pandora Premium 

  • Search and play any song
  • Create playlists — on your own or powered by Pandora
  • Download the music you want for offline listening
  • Unlimited skips and replays
  • Higher quality audio
  • Listen with no ads

Pandora Plus

  • Unlimited personalized stations
  • Up to 4 stations for offline listening
  • Unlimited skips and replays
  • Higher quality audio
  • Listen with no ads

Pros: Best free music subscription out there, easy to use

Cons: Annoying notifications to upgrade, ads – if you are on free version, no student discount

Amazon Prime 

Amazon is well-known around the world now and I love to shop on amazon. Amazon offers Music Unlimited.

Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 days!

If you already have Amazon Prime you can add this service $6 for six months or if you don’t have amazon prime, you can subscribe for $4.99 a month.

I hope you are also aware that as a student you get your first six months free of prime membership and then after as long as you are a student it is still around 50% off from original prime membership. Check it out yourself and get started.

Pros: If you already have amazon prime membership, this is a smoking deal for you at $1 per month, 30-days free trial

Cons: You need to consider to be paying for prime membership which might be a little too much for your budget

Discount: 50% off at $4.99 per month.

Here’s gift of prime where you can choose 3-months or 12-months

Bottom Line

There are more than enough free options available for students. The best option for the wallet and that I highly recommend is Spotify and because it comes with Hulu and Showtime subscription now for students, so you can stream movies, tv-shows, and listening to Spotify on top of all of that, you really can’t beat that for $4.99 per month.

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