Anybody whom graduated you ask about college, they will most likely tell you that college was one of the best times in their life. While I completely agree with this, college is also the best time to start a business. 

If you ever want to become a business owner, have a passive income on a side, or the most important one which is building connections as well as creating business is a huge advantage over everybody else. See my post on why you NEED to create your LinkedIn Profile as a College Student.

So, what are the reasons on why you should start a business in college?

1. The Only Free Time You Will Have in Your Lifetime

College or being young in other terms is the best time and also the most free time you will get in your lifetime long. Being a college student is the most free time you will get in your lifetime. Sure, I know there’s school work and everything but you really need to know this because this is something that you eventually get thrown in after college.

Here’s reality check Just know that after you get the full-time job after college, it will drain you every day (if you don’t love it). You will have few days a week of time off which is a weekend and to sweeten this even more for you, you will most likely not going to be given a vacation for the first year and then only maybe few weeks off a year!

It is important to think wisely when choosing a career because this will most likely set you up for life.

2. Available Network at Your Hands

College has a lot of resources to refer to, in fact it is everything you need. In college you are already surrounded by some great people like professors and departments that can help you. So, if you need help with marketing, talk to that department, if you need help with accounting, talk to that department or professors. They, for the most part would love to help you out.

Hint: Try to get in touch with alumni. They are most likely already successful people or running successful businesses.

I don’t know if you ever noticed but people love others that attended or attending the same school as you. This will always get the conversation going. The point is, alumni will go out of their way to help the person that is trying to achieve something big especially as young as a student.

This is also a perfect way to build a network of successful people.

3. Financial Obligations

There’s not much of financial obligations as a student other than most likely loans which is fine. Think of financial obligations as having children, no mortgage. So, things that will have impact on your daily life like bills. See why you need a credit card as a student as long as you are responsible! Or if you have one then see how to build the best credit score as a student.

Credit cards can help to fund your entrepreneurial dreams and if used right, can be very rewarding.

The main outcome of this is that you will have an excellent score after you graduate college which is something that takes years for people that just graduated to achieve. What a way to stand out from everyone else.

4. More than Enough Time to Recover from Mistakes

I’m sure you heard that almost every business fail and it true. The statistics for that according to Forbes are 8 out of 10 fail which is crazy, right?

As a college student you have more than enough time to recover from mistakes. In real life, this could cost you as the outcome in many bad ways especially if you have other financial responsibilities.

Another thing is that we as human tend to learn from mistakes and many successful companies started after many mistakes and bumps along the way.

5. Best Way to Build Your Resume

This is one of the best way to have your resume stand out from everyone else. You must know already as I talked in one of my other posts that just having a degree will not do you much anymore as it was few decades ago. So, tell that your parents or that generation next time they tell you you will get a great job after finishing college.

having this experience will show the recruiters that you are driven, proactive, creative, responsible,  and growing the business even if it is not so successful will help you out a lot in a long run.

Important Lesson to Conclude This Post

You know that you cannot take time back, well it is true and every day you don’t work on your entrepreneurial dream, you will have less and less time.

Remember, once you graduate it is too late, and you will be with other competition for that dream job position.

So make your self stand out, because best time to start a business is college! You sure will have a rewarding and a life-changing experience!