Have you been eyeing that new iPhone? Or stay with your phone until you just will have to upgrade? These are two questions that you most likely already asked yourself and might be the primary reason you are here right now. But is new phone upgrade something you really need?

The smartphone market around the world continues to grow. We are definitely not interested in basic phones but to throw it out there, the basic feature smartphones are contributing a large market share to the overall smartphone market. But it is understandable and very reasonable for student budgets. Heck, the new iPhone will be running you $700+ or if we consider the newest and the latest like iPhoneX – will run you well over $1,000. I, myself don’t have an iPhone X and am falling behind for about 3 years currently with my phone upgrade, but it serves everything I need and is still going strong!

Now, do I want a new phone? Of course! But it is a want and not a need in my current every-day life or even a necessity to have the latest and the greatest.

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Old Wireless Industry Move

In the past 5 years the wireless industry went though some major changes like you probably noticed that before, two-year contracts and upgrading your smartphone every two years was a major thing. In other words, you pay around $200 for a smartphone and after 2 years you get to own your phone or trade it in for a new upgraded phone.

New Wireless Industry Move

Now a day’s contract is not something that wireless carriers do anymore. The big deal and catch now is that you can leave at any time but you need to sign up for a financing options available from a wireless carrier or even a manufacturer itself. Here, take a look at Apple’s upgrade program. Or another option is paying a full price for a device which means you could be paying $1,000+ for a new iPhone X which is very steep. I just cannot believe that your phone might be more expensive than your laptop or computer at home! Imagine saying this to yourself a decade ago? I know right!

To further elaborate, you can upgrade every year or even twice a year by paying the financing option but you need to remember you don’t own the phone! You are basically renting it, by switching wireless carrier’s, you will have to also pay the remaining cost for the phone.

This is a new wireless carriers move and there are pros and cons of course but we will have to deal with it.

Now, let’s jump into the real question here: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Phone?

1. Operating System

Updates are very important for your phone to be effective and most of updates are security based which is crucial in this digital world, or of course some new cool features. From iOS to Windows and Android, operating systems are changing and if your phone is saying that your device is too old to update, it is a sign to start looking for a new phone.

2. Your Battery No Longer Lasts You Through the Day

If your phone that used to last you for a full day on a single charge and now it no longer does that, or you are finding yourself plugging it in throughout the day, then it is another sign that your phone or battery at least (for non iOS devices )needs to be replacing.

Phone batteries are designed to last throughout the day with basic usage. If you’re phone just dies throughout the day, it is a clear sign that it is on it’s last runs. Your phone’s battery life start to degrade from the first time you plug it in, there’s only certain amount of times you can charge your phone.

3. You keep Running Out of Storage (Does it look familiar to you?)

I have come across this issue so many times with my iPhone that it actually made me to upgrade to a higher storage capacity. I was able to swap my 16GB iPhone for a 64GB one (I sold mine and found a great deal for extra $40 and was well worth it). I could never go back to anything lower than 64GB now and honestly I cannot imagine how I survived with 16GB before.

Just typical updates for example on iPhone with 16GB will not be enough for you at this very moment. The whole purpose of the smartphone is to use apps, take photos, and other features and if you can no longer do them because of your storage, it is another sign that it might be time for you to start looking for a new phone.

4. Your Phone Screen is Cracked

I could never understand this but when I was in high school I noticed this a lot, whoever had the most cracks was the coolest? It is very common even in this day… What’s so cool about the phone with glass sticking out. Anyway, if you don’t have a case or have a screen that literally cuts your fingers, this would be another great time to start looking for a new phone. Trust me for majority of people it brings up questions right away.

5. You Just Want New Features and Tired of Your Current Phone

If you are just sick and tired of all the features on your current phone and know that the newer phone has some cool features then start looking now and know the major secret tip: Buy the previous model when new phone comes out (you are looking at saving a good amount of money). It is completely norm to want newest device but financially speaking it is not a way to go.

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Bottom Line

These are the signs that your phone need updating, if you are experiencing any of these signs, this might be a great time to start looking for a new phone.