You are in college and you just cannot find a job, but you have a car. I am here to provide you with some lucrative ideas to make money with your car. Some you could of heard of, but never tried, others could be brand new to you. The technology growth aspect – specifically phone applications over the past decade have been changing the industries and thankfully there are many money opportunities that are coming with it. If you do your numbers right, you can make some great money!

Make sure you don’t just sign-up but look out for bonuses that you can get easy money just for signing up through my links below every option to get some serious cash!

If you have any of these questions below in your mind, then you are at the right place.

1. Need some ideas how you can start making money with your car

2. You might be here because you didn’t know that you can make money with your car

3. You want to make some extra cash on the side

A car is most likely your biggest asset right now as a student because very few own a house in their 20’s, then the car becomes second, third, fourth, etc… asset.

Let’s jump into how you can make money with your car, here’s what I am going over in this post for you to just jump into.

Quick Information You Must Know Before You Use Your Car

It might sound simple for you to just jump right in and make money, but I hate to break it to you – it is not that simple or profitable unless you do your homework before you start.

Having a car and use it to make money is one thing but if your car is not very reliable or luxury brand where the maintenance is costing a lot of money, then you really HAVE to figure out whether it would be worth it at all.

Here’s what I mean, we know that car costs money to have – gas, insurance, maintenance (not just oil changes), and overall depreciation as you put miles on it – to name a few of the major ones. So, in reality you could be completely upside down in the end or making barely anything and it might not be worth it at all. It is all on you  maintenance wise, companies will not be paying for your vehicle.

Example: If you are planning on driving for ride-share services like Uber or Lyft and your car get 15 miles/gallon – you will not be making money and will actually be losing money.

On the positive side, if your car get 30+ miles to the gallon – you will be much better off and will be making money on side.

The whole point I am trying to make here is – Don’t jump into anything with your car because you could be completely upside down and only losing money in the end.

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1. RideShare

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Have you ever used ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft before? Well, have you considered instead of just being a passenger, but as a driver as well. I talked about my experience driving for Ride Share companies and why it is probably the easiest way to make some extra cash on the side and perfect for students.

Overall if you live in busy areas and work some weekend nights, you can really make some serious extra cash on the side especially if it is surging in your area.

There are definitely downsides to doing ride share services because if you don’t have a reliable car then you need to reconsider this option because you might only lose money in this case.

Here are some links for you to use to save and even earn easy extra money by completing minimum requirements of rides. You can make $1,000+ just for signing up for both platforms and completing easy requirements.


Driver (Uber): Sign-Up for Uber and earn $525 guaranteed!

Driver (Lyft): Sign-Up for Lyft and earn $525 guaranteed!


Rider (Uber): Sign-Up for Uber and get $5 off your first ride!

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2. Rent Your Car

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You can make money simply by renting out your car to people using Turo. have you heard of AirBnb and how that process work? Then, you get the idea of your car as that is exactly how it works with Turo.

The process is simple. If you don’t use your car much, then consider renting it to other people that are looking for a car to use. This service is getting quiet popular now and instead of you car just sitting there, start making money with it.

Getaround is another great renting your car service and you can really really make some great money. How much you make really depends on what kind of car you have and the best part is it offers insurance with it.

Sign-Up for Turo and get $25 bonus!

Sign-Up for Getaround and get $200 bonus for listing your car!

3. Food Delivery

This is something that is completely new and has been rapidly growing over the past year. This is similar to ride sharing services, but instead of driving people, you are picking up food and delivering it to the customer.

Surprisingly, this is a very interesting gig and I know plenty of people that are doing this to get money. Most are pulling great tips on top of what you getting paid for time and miles that you drive to deliver their food order.

Most popular food delivery services are: Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

I chose Door Dash as the top one for food delivery mainly because the people whom I spoke to that work for food delivery prefer postmates over any other food delivery service. The reason? Because majority tip and their tip really makes this gig worth it. You need to be 18 and have a clean driving record. Another bonus is that you are guaranteed to have at least minimum wage if it is slow.

Uber Eats is another great service that Uber offers instead of the people, you deliver food. The best part is Uber is well-known company now and they are really pushing the marketing on this through riders applications when they use ride share. It is best if you live in a busy area and it will keep you pretty occupied because it is getting very popular among food delivery services.

Postmates is another alternative and does not apply just to food delivery but also department stores which may include almost everything out there on the shelves.

4. Advertise on Your Car

If you commute a lot for school, work, or plainly just on the road a lot, then consider advertising on your car. Have you ever seen cars with some sort of advertisement on them? Well, they are most likely making money by driving a car wrapped like that.

If you are a student, this is a great opportunity for you to make some money especially if you commute to school daily. You will be making money just by driving your car!

Wrapify is a company that can help you with making money with your car. The app will keep a track of your miles as you are driving around. There is no cost to you and there is no damage to the paint of your car after it is removed. You can make up to $500 a month just for doing nothing!

5. Move Other People’s Stuff

Many people especially in busy areas don’t have car or any other means of transport. Others just don’t want to pay the ridiculous price for moving services. Theres solution if you have transportation.

Consider signing up for TaskRabbit and you can make money just by helping to deliver items from the stores in your local area. Best part? People will most likely tip and you can make some great money off of that.

Bottom Line

No matter how old you are, student or not. If your car is just sitting there or you simply want to make some extra cash (I mean why wouldn’t you?) then put your car to work already. There are so many opportunities to make money and I hope you find this list I posted useful and start making money today.

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