I’ve mentioned Airbnb in many of my travel posts, but  never really went over reasons why you should use AirBnb and why sometimes it really is a convenient and affordable option to choose over other places like hotels, hostels, VRBO’s, B&B, resorts,  and other accommodations.

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Let’s dive right in to Reasons Why You Should Use AirBnb on Your Next Travel.

1. It is Cheaper Than You Think

Airbnb is not at all that expensive or only ideal for people that want to splurge on their accommodation. All it takes is a simple search on their easy to use website to compare and see what hosts in that city offer. You can apply price ranges, filters, accommodation preferences and many other options to satisfy all your needs. To your surprise, you will actually see results to your needs for your stay because of popularity Airbnb has gained over the past few years and many hosts are joining every day around the world!

If you are a backpacker, you will most likely find a better or a similar deal on Airbnb than hostels, or simply lets you switch around traditional hostels and hotels, and most importantly having some privacy which I talk below.

2. Privacy

Sometimes we just need privacy even as backpackers. I get it, hostels are a great way to meet people from all around the world, but honestly sometimes we just need privacy. When that time comes and you just don’t feel like dealing with 20 people in your dorm, consider Airbnb for your break from people and actually save money from spending on hotel which brings me to another point.

3. It Actually Feels Like Home

Maybe you are experiencing some homesickness during your travel. No matter what hotel you book, it will never feel like home, it just wouldn’t. With all the options I discussed that you can filter and sort with, you can find place to stay for yourself that feel just like home which bring me to favorite point of this post.

Another great thing is kitchen, most places you will stay at will have kitchen that you can use which will make your stay even more pleasant.

4. Unique Variety

(Balian Beach, Bali)

Sometimes if you just want to splurge on you stay or **hint hint** impress your date, then you really need to get away from hotels and resorts and check out Airbnb’s unique stays from all over the world. It also doesn’t have to break your bank at all and most are affordable

From famous Seashell House in Mexico, Glass Tree House, a treehouse(picture above), pirates of the Caribbean style, and even an off-grid house in the middle of nowhere just to name a few, but there are hundreds more of the unique styled accommodations. Best part? Majority of them are very affordable and of course some are really expensive.

5. Student Money Adviser is Giving You $40 off

Don’t just sign up! Make sure you always check for coupons no matter for what service you are signing up for. If you have sparked interest in Airbnb already and want to try it out, then use $40 off your next stay coupon.

6. Real Experience

You will most likely get a real experience when you rent from Airbnb. As you may know that in order to get a full exposure to the city and experience it to the fullest, you need to get away from where all the tourists are, Airbnb is best when it comes to this.

You will most likely be staying at a local neighborhood with local shops, restaurants, cafe’s, and other places that local go to in that neighborhood. This provides a real exposure and the real experience of that city.

A lot of hosts will even give you a tour and will have any questions you might have answered for your stay, including places to visit, getting to places, and sometimes will even get you from/to airport.

7. Best Way to Save Money as a Group

Traveling with family? friends? coworkers? Well, Airbnb makes it the best solution for group travelers. You can rent an entire place as a group and you get to stay together and not hop around hotel rooms or meet in common areas to get everybody together which always a problem.

Not only it is more convenient but also great way to save money as you can split the cost among your group for the stay. Only thing I wanted to point out is be respectful to owners policies with how many people are allowed, don’t be the person renting apartment for 5 people but there are 10 of you. This is not only disrespectful to the owner, but will also cost you in terms of review and possible deactivation for not following the rules, owners can also kick you out for this reason. So, don’t try to save money by trying to manipulate system like this.

Bottom Line

I am very thankful for a company like Airbnb and what it offers to people around the world for their travel needs, and hosts to make some extra money out of their properties.

You really can’t go wrong with using Airbnb for many occasions I talked above as there is accommodation preference for everybody. Don’t forget to check out how to save money on your next trip.

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