Recently, for one of my classes everybody was given a particular topic to write the essay on. My topic as the title suggests was on the “Benefits of Studying Abroad”. I already knew before on how valuable it can be to everybody from every perspective in life. What I didn’t know is actually whole lot about studying abroad. It was only after I did research for my paper and realized that I haven’t shared anything about studying abroad on here, so in this post – I wanted to address this and I really hope this post can also open your eyes like it did for me on the life-changing benefits of studying abroad.

Some Background Information to Keep in Mind

Unfortunately, in today’s world it is much more difficult to secure a great paying job than just 3-4 decades ago. There is a lot of competition out there with thousands of students graduating every semester and try to have this question in your mind: what makes you stand out from other applicants? Just your GPA and that prestigious school you graduated from won’t cut it anymore. Studying Abroad will definitely put you in advantage over other applicants which I describe below.

Let’s jump right in with the Benefits of Studying Abroad (not in any order)

1 Experience New Culture Both Personally and Professionally (More Opportunities)

This might be something I’m sure comes first to your mind, and it should be. Studying abroad doesn’t just develop personal approaches on how you take, think, and do things. You will also be exposed to new professional world and will learn to adjust. Every company want to expand their product or services globally and having your experience in that particular country will put you above others who never experienced other side of the world.

2 Your Views of the World Change

After spending time in another country you will learn that there is not just one side of story to everything. You will see how other countries view global issues. From instructors, peers, and learning in a new environment will really challenge your ways of assuming, and really introduce you to the new ways of thinking about the world we live in. You will find and appreciate the history and other people’s input on major events that occurred and are occurring, and you will have to accept that.

3 Broader Career Opportunities

This goes well with the above two and from my perspective this is one of the major benefits of studying abroad. When you finish the study abroad program you will stand out from everybody else because you have gotten out of the comfort box and took the challenge of new culture, new language, and it screams that you are open and are not afraid of new challenges.

Any business or company long-team goals is to grow, and you could be that key for the company to expand. In the end, many students love the hosting country so much that they decide to search for a job in that country.

4 Personal Growth and Development

After experiencing new country, you might not notice at first but you will be more open to the challenges. Studying abroad is not something that’s so easy. Your personal growth and development will come from the new experiences that you haven’t done back in your home country and challenging yourself is one of the best tools for personal growth and development in every perspective.

M1 Finance

5 Explore The World

Studying abroad doesn’t mean that you are limited to just one country. Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to also explore other countries. For example let’s say you plan on considering to study in Europe, if you live in United States, it is not too convenient to fly back-and-forth between U.S and Europe, but studying abroad will give you an opportunity to visit other countries.

Meanwhile, while studying abroad you can just hop on a plane on a weekend and you will be in another country in a matter of hour (Europe). Cant get more convenient than that! Make sure you check out my traveling reviews where I so-far reviewed Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Copenhagen, and more are coming. The best part is that the flights are cheap!! You are looking at under $20 (I’ve seen as low as $5) to fly from one country to another.

6 Meeting New Friends For Life

Because you will be studying in another country, you will be meeting people from all around the world. These new friends will contribute all of the points I discussed above, as well as become friends for life. Along with building the new friendship with people from other countries, you are making an investment into your professional life, the people you meet will become valuable assets for future growth and development.

You will have a connection for life in another country, that is on of the best investments you can make in yourself!

7 Graduate School Admissions

Graduate schools are just like employees and are looking for students that are open-minded and open to the new challenges. Well, having study abroad experience will help you to gain acceptance to grad schools. Graduate schools often look at your uniqueness and what you can bring to their university or how unique you are. Having taken challenge of exploring a new country you are automatically have higher chances of admission.

8 Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life

When I say this, I mean it. Before writing this post I did a lot of research on this topic and read so many great comments from people who shared their study abroad experiences. Studying abroad will change who you are in so many ways but its all for the better in the end.

Also, the studying abroad experience will most likely be the travel experience you will have for a while. Because after you graduate you won’t get much time off especially as a new comer to the workforce. So, treat this an opportunity for life because it is unlike any other experience you will have in your lifetime!

Get out of the box and don’t follow the same path everyone follows in today’s society, live an ordinary life and you will be guaranteed to getting ordinary results. Make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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