Wow, another year has passed by and 2017 year has been the best one so far. Many things changed both in life and school. But the most important part of 2017 year is: Putting up my blog Student Money Adviser and start sharing all the knowledge with students that are in the same boat as me.

It has been about month and a half now and currently I have 20 posts with traffic that I am very happy with especially that I am constantly learning so much with everything from running the website and learning marketing strategies online for social media accounts. So it is constant learning and I LOVE IT!

As a note to all the newcomers: This site will be ran by an independent 1-man and will be for as long as I am able to, if anything changes you will be the first to know. I ONLY write about things that interests us and what most of us would benefit from knowing. All of this in hopes that it helps, educates, resonates, inspires, or even entertains you as a reader.

As always will be, I’d love your feedback on things that you like on the website or find helpful or any other concerns you may have. If there’s any topic that you would like me to explore or dig for you, please let me know, I would love to. You can just click right here to write me an email and I will get back to you 🙂 .

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Lets jump into my 2018 Goals,

  1. Better Time Management – In few weeks I will be back to school and have 20 units this Spring semester, so a time management will be crucial from now on. Will have to work on daily and weekly plans in order to succeed in this skill for this year.
  2. Consistency on Student Money Adviser Blog: Even though I will be busy, I will always be here and will keep bringing content that interests us on “how to make money while we study” and news that matter to us.
  3. Lots of New Features coming to my Blog: I am super excited to bring new things like updated and more appealing to you as readers blog.
  4. New Categories are coming to attract larger audience and become even more useful to you to refer to, I will soon be announcing them. All of the new categories will be related to students, finance, money, so I hope you get the idea 🙂 It will still be the same that only relates to students but you will have so much more extra information for other fields. I will NEVER go off the primary point and reasoning I created this blog for.
  5. Marketing: It is very hard to become a good blogger, but gaining people’s attention and interests all together as a one even harder, I am still analyzing everything and what readers are liking. Stay put, I will start giving away gift cards to subscribers in ruffles and many more marketing strategies are coming that I am excited to try out to promote Student Money Adviser.
  6. More Travel: I started traveling to multiple countries last summer and had such a wonderful experience doing so. All on student budget! I will be sharing ways and if you want to join on the way, feel free!
  7. More Exercise: I have started exercising few years ago on every other day basis and over the past half a year I slowed down a bit. I want to get back to the same schedule I used to be at.
  8. New Job, Internships: I have been working on my resume and LinkedIn profile and connecting with people that are in finance field just like where I always wanted to be and put my step into it.

And again, please share my blog if you find it informing.

Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true this year 🙂