Did you know that an average student spends nearly one-third of their day on device that has access to the internet? It is understandable because internet has become a necessity in our life, especially our student lives. For that reason, I wanted to put up a guide on TOP Internet Hacks for Student to go faster about many things or even learn new ways on navigating many sites, use services, get rewarded, and some of the most popular sites that will improve every student’s life.

Let’s dive right in to 15 TOP Internet Hacks for Student,

1 RateMyProfessors.com

It is simple, this site might save you from failing a class or even classes. If you don’t know about ratemyprofessors.com, then after reading this, it will become one of your favorite sites.

Have you had professor that was just so difficult or just simply cannot teach? Well, next time you are choosing your classes, you MUST head to ratemyprofessors and read up before you select the class. You can read comments and feedback from other students like whether you need book or what materials you need to study in order to ace the exam, tips, as well as overall professors ratings. Also, don’t forget to rate your professors at the end of the term.

2 Free Online Calculator

If you forgot your calculator or just need to solve something but you don’t know, try Symbolab or Desmos. Symbolab can solve practically everything and any subject including graphing the graphs that everybody just loves so much. Now, you might not be able to use this calculator during exam, but it definitely saves so much time and space if you need to practice or compare something.

3 Don’t Limit Yourself Buying Textbooks on Campus Only, Buy/Rent Online and save up to 90%!

Don’t ever think that you need to buy your books on campus only. You must always check online! It is easy and simple to search and I even wrote a post about the best and cheapest sites to get your books from. Consider renting the books for the semester, because that book you pay $200 for on campus – will be worth $50 hopefully by the time semester ends.

The best part is you don’t just save lots of money by doing some research, but also these books come with free shipping and free returns if you are renting, It really is the way to go.

Some of the best sites that you HAVE to check before getting your books are, so stop by the sites and type in version number you need:

M1 Finance

4 Amazon Student Membership: First 6-Months Free, then 50% Off

I’m sure you know what Amazon.com is, because it is everything. I mean seriously, Amazon has everything. The only drawback is not everything is available if you are not a paid member, but if you are a paid member you are really getting so much for how much you pay.

As a student you get free 6-months to start with and then 50% off for as long as you are a student ($49/year). The benefits that you get with the Amazon Prime Membership are absolutely worth it because you will be saving a lot of money on many other things you might be spending your money on.

Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Free 2-day, or sometimes even same day delivery
  • Prime Video (Watch your favorite shows and movies)
  • Amazon Music
  • Twitch Prime
  • Prime Reading
  • Audible (Too tired reading books? Listen to them)
  • Prime Exclusives and Access to Early Deals
  • Amazon Photos

Check out the benefits yourself and give it a try for 6-months! which brings me to another point.

5  Get Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime for $4.99/month as a Student

Spotify rolled out partnership with Hulu last year to offer the deal to students which was fantastic. Few months ago, they extended the partnership to ShowTime. So, today you can get Spotify Premium Membership + Hulu + ShowTime for only $4.99 a month here. If you want just Hulu, you can get 30 days free.

This is absolutely the best deal and I hope it is not going away. This deal brought a lot of subscribers to all three services and the best part is that the content is very high quality from every single of these providers. Spotify has very high quality music, Hulu has some of the best series out there in HD, and ShowTime has even more of the series that we have on TV today.

You can read my post on comparing Streaming services for Music and Tv-Shows/Movies.

So, if you have TV, this might save you money because you will have your favorite tv-shows and movies at hand and will most likely get rid of your cable.

6 Get Food Prepared for You or Even Delivered to Your Dorm with Tapingo

You can get almost any food that’s on campus delivered to you, so you can keep on studying without break or have your food prepared and avoid all the long lines of people buying food with Tapingo.

Tapingo is a website and app that is very simple to use and rolling out to new Universities and College’s almost on daily basis. So, check if your school is supported. You will absolutely love avoiding all the hassle of ordering food.

Other Alternatives include:

Door Dash – Get free $7 for Signing Up

Postmates – Get $100 in delivery credits here

Uber Eats – Get $5 off your food order here with code: eats-christianb220

7 Forgot Your Textbook? Find it with “(Your textbook)” + “filetype:pdf”

If you google “(your textbook, or anything) + “filetype:pdf. This can actually become very useful for any student for many reasons and not just finding textbooks. If you have research paper, this is one of the best ways to find the topic for whichever you are researching and actually get material that is related.

8 Get Distracted Easily by the Sounds?

You can solve this problem with Noizio, an app for your Mac, or phone. Noizio let’s you set some of the best sounds out like rain, space,  campfire, or blue whales to name a few. I have tried this and absolutely love it. It helps me to focus on studying much more even if there is so much noise out.

9 Homework Help?

Now, firstly. Don’t rely on this for all your homework, although you can, but it’s up to you. You can find so much useful information on reddit if you start utilizing it the right way.

Next time you google your question and it doesn’t come up, ask it on Reddit homework help forum. You can also help others by answering other people’s questions.

Apply Now for an Open Sky Card

10 Research Papers? Use Google Scholar

Google Scholar will probably become your best friend in college because you will find many published papers and articles to write your papers as well as you can get alerts on new papers published which becomes a very useful trick if you have few months before your paper is due. It can also help you with citation pages which many students struggle with, on google scholar you just copy whichever citation you need.

11 Earn Rewards for Just Staying Off Your Phone

Yes, that’s right, you heard it right! You can earn coupons, deals, and in the end rewards just for staying off your phone in classes. I have yet to try this, but I will write an overview of the app when my semester starts and how it works. Judging by reviews in the App Store, this app seems to be a great addition to saving for students! Check it Pocket Points.

Another great site which you probably heard of is Groupon for al the local deals to save money. I highly suggest you to check out Groupon before going out to eat, theme parks, massages, even vacations, and so much more…

12 SAVE a LOT money on Prescription Glasses

This one might sound simple, but it’s not. I’ve been hearing so many stories about how much people spend on their glasses and many students fall for that. I even wrote an article on Prescription Glasses and how to get the best deals. It all starts with optometrist appointment which will cost a lot of money, then they will recommend “their own” type that they have. The problem is that it will cost $300+ for prescription glasses.

Once you get your recommended vision parameters, you need to head to these reputable prescription glasses websites I listed below and save yourself hundreds of dollars and many also come with lifetime warranty. You should not spend close to $1,000 just to get prescription glasses.

Looking Out for Your Eyes

12 Best Study Tool

I’m sure you’ve heard of Quizlet because it is absolutely the best online tool you can you to study. Quizlet is not just known for study but it also has loads and loads of information that might be relating to your class. I have even found solutions to some of my homework questions. Student regularly upload their papers on there and don’t be surprised when you see a complete study guide for your next test.

13 Hate Writing Papers or Always Lose Points on Essays?

I know my grammar is not very good, but ever since I started using Grammarly for my papers, my scores improved tremendously. The simple mistakes we make go unnoticed and honestly if you cram papers on the last night before its due, you will have many mistakes, it is proven.

Help, yourself out with Grammarly, free service to use and also has a built-in feature to suggest as you type your essays, as well as checking your phrases for plagiarism.

14 Make Easy Money by Taking Surveys

if you don’t have any income, consider taking surveys for some income as you answer surveys. Now, you won’t make thousands of dollars, but if you are somewhat consistent, you can easily make few hundred dollars per month for taking surveys. I wrote a post on the best surveys sites, but you can also check them out below.

  • MyPoints is a great survey site that has been around for two decades now that offers a wide variety of ways to earn like watching videos, taking surveys, reading emails, and even playing games!
  • Swagbucks rewards points system called “SB” points and it is well-known to give away free SB points just for being a member of Swagbucks. Yeah, that’s right! Free points that you can convert to money!
  • PointClub is unique in its own ways. One that stands out to me the most is the ability to earn more by logging in on daily basis.
  • Survey Junkie is a very simple and easy to use platform and there’s no limit on how many surveys you take.

If you are looking for summer jobs, you can also read on my post for the 10 Summer Job Ideas If You Can’t Get a Real Job as a College Student.

15 Take Advantage of StudentMoneyAdviser.com

And finally, take advantage of my blog and my new chat system that can help you with many student financial matter questions and so much more outside of it like traveling and adventuring. It is my duty to help you get financially stress free as a college student but also have an absolutely the best time of your life!

Bottom Line

I will be constantly updating this page that includes: adding, removing, and editing in order for this page to be updated and a great referral page for students to use.

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