Who is excited for the semester to start again? Is it too early to write about this? No, we are all secretly excited for the school to get back in session. Each one of us have our own reasons but some primary ones I think you would agree with me on are seeing our friends, making new friends, finally getting back to doing something from all these lazy days we’ve had, new subjects to learn about, new professors to meet, and some are even dreading the exams.

Now can you feel it? Can you feel excitement and nervousness? Well, that’s great because you should be both excited and nervous because it really is the new opportunity for so many new things yet to come and it really is a wonderful privilege to be getting an education, so making the best time of it is absolutely necessary!

Let’s dive right in,

1. Seeing Old & Meeting New Friends

This is exciting!!!! You are going to see your old friends you’ve met and everybody will be fulfilled with new stories, experiences, and also the excitement to see you. If it’s your first year, then you get to make all the new friends that will be with you you throughout your college time. Having many friends will not only make your college time more enjoyable but most of them will most likely be your lifelong friends.

2. New School Supplies

You know that time you go into the store a week or two before school starts and its busy with young people running around? It is always a great feeling to have a fresh start and have all the brand new supplies for upcoming semester. You will find things that you never thought you needed before and will buy it this time. It is also a great time to snag some back-to-school deals and score some great prices on that new backpack you’ve been eyeing or that new calculator you will now need for school.

3. New Clothes


This goes on par with school supplies. Whenever we start a new school year we tend to buy new clothes. It’s like works automatically in us and we respond by going to the clothing store to buy some clothes. I know I do it, even if its just few pairs of shirts or pants. And I would normally wear these new clothes on the first day :). It is absolutely normal to start new semester with some new stylish clothes.

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4. Get Back to Daily Routine and Schedule

You know that sleeping in every day until noon and then feeling sloppy the rest of the day was the norm during break. Well, now you have to get back in schedule. Going back to school is getting back into routine and if its your first time entering university, then you will learn to become more independent. Your mom will no longer do your laundry and you will need to set alarms to get up bright and early and go to sleep on time whether it is for class or studying.

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5. Learning New Material in Class

Ok, on this one I cannot say  Was too excited about some subjects my first two years because they were mostly just the basics you had to learn but it gets much better as you dive into your degree your junior-senior year. It’s not just the material, but also the assignments that come with it. You might be reading and analyzing a book, or even doing some public speaking this semester which are all a great contribution to your learning and becoming a better individual in society which leads me to another point…

6. New Professors

This one is exciting and I want to really be excited for this one. Professors will make or break your school experience, but I can say that most of them are the people that you will look up to and will be inspired by throughout your college time. They are the people that contribute to your learning and as I mentioned might become your influencers throughout life. Professors can also help you gain entry to the field you are seeking getting into, I know many people just in the past year that gotten into working for a company just based off of their professors recommendation. This is definitely one of the best reasons to be excited for going back to school.

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7. Opportunity for New Trips, New Clubs, and So Much More…

If you are returning to school, don’t think that its year all over again. Take this fresh start as an opportunity to not just rejoin your old clubs, but also joining new clubs and taking some new fun trips with your friends, as well as new internship or even new jobs experience.

I would highly recommend joining new clubs because this is absolutely one of the best places to meet new people and if you join a club with people that have the same interests as you, then it is even better deal because there’s nothing better than sharing same interests and being passionate about something similar. And it is best to start early because many clubs fill up quickly in the beginning of semester, so do your research ahead of time.

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8. A New Start

Since it is a new start, you might as well treat it as one. If you didn’t get a good grade before in one of your classes, then this new semester is the new opportunity to maybe learn a new method of studying or doing something after school that you didn’t do before. Having this new start is an absolute treasure you get every semester, unfortunately we won’t get many more after our college years and you should treat it as a very valuable thing you can do right now, because later you will be looking back to what you haven’t done instead of what you’ve done.

9. Explore New Places

If this is your first time at your school, then make sure you start exploring the areas and places where students go on campus and off-campus. This will not only improve your experience at a university, it will also make your stay much more fun. You will find your favorite places and will find yourself going there throughout years. If its not your first time, then still explore new places, give them a try. I know that my favorite place on campus is the place on campus they sell beer at. Aghh… what a great place to meet up with friends after tests and enjoy a drink together.

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10 Finally… ENJOY EVERY MOMENT Of Your College Time

This is one thing I hate to break it to you but you need t make the most of your time in college because sadly all things come to an end eventually and college is one of these experiences you will be talking about for the rest of your life. Treat every semester and not just semester but also every other experience you have as an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people with great stories and develop life-long friends that you will most likely be spending rest of your life with.

Start treating everything as something will be looking back for the rest of your life. Go on now and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful experience!!!

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