When studying in college, fitness might not be your priority or on top of the primary things to do. But it is so important that you dedicate your time to exercise. It is not just important for your physical health, but also your mental health. I found exercise becoming part of my life because it helps me to simply space out and forget about all the upcoming hurdles like major assignments due or any other stress-related things in life and really just spend time focusing on myself. Getting into habit of staying fit while studying in college will go long ways and trust me it is much easier to maintain physical form than trying to get back into shape.

You might remember my post on most realistic steps to get fit and stay fit, but this time instead I wanted to focus more on how to instead of why you should to.

1 Keeping Costs to the Minimum

First and foremost of-course is the cost. School you are attending most likely has gym and the fees should be included in tuition you are paying every semester. If you are paying for the gym membership elsewhere, consider looking into your school gym to save money. If you are not a gym type, then that’s ok as well because running around your campus and investing one hundred dollars into gym equipment could go long ways and you could work out straight from your dorm/room.

Personally, I would advise against working out alone primarily because of the social aspect. People in the gym might not just become your friends and workout friends, people also tend to motivate other people. In school gym you will find students like yourself with many interests in common, therefore this makes it a great place for you and the most cost-effective solution.

If your school does not have a gym, then look around on internet and find some promotions like no fees to join or things like no contract to sign where you can leave anytime you want to once you find the best alternative for you.

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2 Bike or Walk to Class

Whether your campus is big or small, you should consider biking to school from your home if you live reasonably close. Same applies to walking, walking from class to class will be very beneficial and will help to burn some calories off forsure. If that is not possible and you need to take your car to school, then consider parking farther away and walk over to your class. Of course this means you might need to make sure you dedicate enough time to get to school and class on time.

3 Find That Workout Friend That Motivates You

It is so beneficial to find somebody to workout with because there are going to be days where last thing you want to do is go to the gym. Well, these people will help to motivate you by simply saying to you “C’mon, we will do easy 30-minutes today”. I know this approach worked on me many times and I was also able to convince other people to go to the gym by simply encouraging them. Trust me you will feel million times better after which leads me to the next point…

4 Finding Motivation

There are people that just simply don’t like to exercise or it’s simply no fun to them. Many start going on daily basis, then shifting to every other day, and eventually shifting to just once-a-week basis. It must be because of all the studying and you can’t seem to find the time to fit your exercise in. The best way to go about this is to find something or somebody I talked about above that can motivate you. I’m sorry but there’s always time in the day to dedicate an hour or less do an exercise.

You could also always find a sport’s team or a group that does activities together. Head over to your schools website and find clubs that are active. If you don’t want to miss one of your shows, consider watcing your favorite show on  equipment that have a TV screen, you won’t even notice how time flies if you tune in like this.

Just remember everything is possible in this world today. If you seen somebody do it, it means anybody can do it and you shouldn’t have excuse not to do it or become like that person you saw on that cover. So, get at it!

5 Focus on Your Diet 

Let’s be real here: If you want to achieve something – especially the body goals, exercise is not just the way to go. You can exercise for hours every day and see barely any results if not none. Sure, ramen is great and you have mastered it already most likely, but I hate to break it to you because it does not have much of nutrients in it for your muscle mass to put some effect.

Exercising and maintaining a diet go hand-to-hand well together for best results. It’s understandable due to timing or simply being a busy student it might be nearly impossible to find time to cook, and is much easier to just grab a snack and go.

I can tell from experience and being rather frequent with gym these past 4 years and if there’s one thing I can say is that it is the fact that it is 100% true that exercising and eating right is the proper way to achieve anything fitness related. I saw the result my last spring semester where I really struggled with eating right but still went to the gym frequently and guess the result? Well, there was not much improvement and worst part of all I gained some lower belly fat and that was something I told myself before I will never get. Well, I got it unfortunately. (Reach down to your lower belly, grab it and if you can pull it easily then you have lower belly fat). This is something that is not just the beginning of bad eating habits, but is also very hard to get rid of.

Bottom Line

I hope you liked my post on staying fit while studying and found it informative. I would love to hear your exercising habits, so please share it in comments area or simply email me and I will add it with credit given to you 🙂

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