(This post is in no way a recommendation to invest in companies that are listed, this post uses true examples of recent events in the stock market. It is up to you to do the research)

In current America with all the lockdowns, trading companies experiencing huge spikes in stock trading by individual traders! Americans are opening accounts with companies like Robinhood, E*Trade, and TD Ameritrade like never before! There’s a major correlation between Covid and people engaging with their money. To me, It would make much more sense if it was the opposite as people would be afraid of their money in current conditions. Could it be because people are stuck at home? Could it be because people are very optimistic about our economy? Could it be because today majority of the time on the news we are seeing stocks surging like Tesla if you haven’t paid attention has climbed 140% in just 90 days and still going. Don’t forget that you can get a FREE stock valued up to $500 by using my link to sign up for Robinhood. You can also read my post on Robinhood.

Everyone’s Trading Today

With all indexes across the board hitting all-time highs, optimism in the stock market from the media, it makes sense that people would like a piece of the action. Robinhood alone saw more than 3 million new accounts in just the first quarter and in June saw over 4 million trading transactions every day. Last boom in surge of trading was in 90’s when .com era when internet bubble happened. Today, with all the sources like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord servers you could find a lot of insight from other people. All of these social sites saw a surge in people joining during the pandemic as many social events have been canceled and people are joining to overcome the boredom of isolation.

A Huge Rise of Financial Influencers

WIth isolation came boredom and many people downloading applications like TikTok, and now competitor from Instagram called Reels. There is also a rise in social media market influencers that after making a large chunk of money from trading stocks they are now seeing themselves as masters of trading and therefore sharing it with people on how to make money trading stocks.

This is where you need to be careful and know that most of these people are only showing their gains and not the overall returns for the most part and 90% of these people are in reality upside down but getting money from people like you that are watching and signing up for their courses or subscriptions to watch their content. The social media power from everybody else watching and subscribing is a very powerful tool that helps these traders to gain the losses back. In reality, you need to know that nobody in their right mind would be sharing their income strategies without benefit to them. Yes, there are some that know what they are doing, but if you don’t want to get gray hairs any time soon, I would advise strongly against day-trading.

There’s One HUGE Benefit of Coronavirus Impact on Our Lives

You might remember my post on a penny that turns into $10 million dollars in just 31 days. What does that have to do with this post? Well, people are underestimating the power of investing and how it can impact your financial worth throughout your lifetime.

The virus I won’t argue had a devastating financial effects for both the economy and millions of American families. But setting that aside and the purpose of this article is that there are more people that are getting into investing as a whole. More people whether it is from boredom at home or hearing news about markets all day long finding that putting money in stock market might actually be a good idea.

In the beginning of the year there were 21% of Americans that didn’t have any brokerage account or any other way to invest aside from the 401K or pension plan. People rely on the most common strategies of investing and thinking that one way of investing will secure a lifetime financial success.

The point is: The pandemic is opening new opportunities for many people that never invested before. As long as people are doing it smart and wisely, then it is enabling many people to build wealth over a lifetime that will help to overcome the next crisis and really enjoy the financial stability a lot more!

The cause of all of this is clearly that before the pandemic everyone thought that they will never lose their job, economy was great and low unemployment really made us to believe that we didn’t need to look elsewhere. But, during any economic depression, the financial worry come into effect and people start to question their current positions and building more safe forefront in financial life becomes the priority for nearly everyone.

Market Comeback

Above is the S&P 500 stock index indicating the dip in economic shutdowns in mid-march. However, as seen the market did not just recover on indicators of financial recovery, but also hitting all-time highs with pandemic still going on. The result of this meaning people are buying the bear market dips and as long as the COVID-19 is going on, the people are still buying the dip. The question is: What is going to happen when the vaccine will be available? This year, it is not just the vaccine concern, but also the election that is coming up in November.

2020 Election

As I indicated recently that I will not bring politics into this blog, but I am bringing the impact that will cause in the stock market and overall economy as we get closer. Who wins in this election will play a huge factor on the market, so invest at your own risk and pay attention to the market news, especially the big hedge funds and big banks pulling out money of the stock market if you have a large amount of money you are currently investing.


Many people are still optimistic about the recovery and vaccine coming soon and we can tell just based on looking at the financial data. Investing today might not be a bad idea after all, but because of many major factors involved today like election and still vaccine in process, one can’t really predict the outcome of where the market will be heading not just a week from today, but predicting months from today is a huge leap forward.

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