There’s one thing I wish somebody told me years ago and how important it is, but now I have an opportunity to get this out to the world and “hopefully” it saves you few years and you can get started developing the skills necessary to properly network. It is something like everything else you become better and better at with time, only thing is that the earlier you learn how to properly network – the better off you will be. The power of networking is a key to success in today’s society, knowing more people gives you an enormous advantage over everybody else and almost guarantees a greater success. So, read on and maybe this post will influence you to really see the power of networking.

The Influence of “Social” Networking

Before diving into the most important part of networking in the professional sphere, let’s cover some of the known networking types first.

It is hard not to mention the big brands that built whole empires based on Networking like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few. I am sure every single one of you reading right now has an account with every single one or at least two of these great networking resources. These are billions of dollar worth sources available right at your fingertips. I mean Facebook was built on a strategy of connecting people together and keeping everybody in touch with each other, you could see photos of your family members, comment on them, like the photos, message people, and there are over a billion users today using Facebook. Twitter is another amazing source with it’s own sole purpose of mostly expressing people’s thoughts over 140 character limit message, so it has to be mostly straight to the point and now there are over 300 million people using Twitter and over 500 million tweets made a day!!!

LinkedIn, LinkedIn is something that needs its own paragraph. If you are an adult and you do not have LinkedIn profile set up, then set it up now. It is absolutely crucial to make this step and set-up LinkedIn account and it will already be a huge step into seeing the power of networking. LinkedIn is a platform for anybody if you want to start building connections in your professional life – this includes students, business owners, and job seekers. The best part is that everything you really need to network is FREE, but if you are looking for a career change or just graduating, I would highly recommend getting the premium version which is $29.99/month which gives you a lot more potential to really secure that dream job and meet other amazing LinkedIn members.The Reality Behind Social Media Networking

You probably got all excited from the writing above, but unfortunately, that is not the point of this whole post at all. Any social media networks today as few mentioned above like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are not very usable in the real world. Using Facebook to post a picture of you vacationing will not cut that “professional” relationship for you. It is also not just about connecting with as many people as you can on LinkedIn or friending people on Facebook – see, that really does nothing. It is a great start to make you better at communicating with people and put yourself out there, but it will not, again WILL NOT solve your networking skills. It really does serve as a stepping stone only.

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So, What is Networking?

The power of Networking is primarily based on how strong your relationships are with people you are connecting with. See, nobody is going to make you a partner of a business without knowing you, it is not going to just magically appear out of nowhere. People need to know you and not just by a name, but also have some kind of relationship with you or know something about you. If you are well-known for some skill that you have, opportunities will come your way as you produce the great product and results and word will follow around about you and your skill. People will want to have you as their connection. But let’s take a step back first.

Becoming Successful at Networking

In today’s professional world, you need to be good at something and known for it. You can for sure be good at many things and be known for it and it is even better if you are known for multiple skills!!! Think about the people you talk to the most, then think about someone you recently met. Analyze it, and what is your friend or …. (you fill it) is good at, would you have them as your business partner? Now, think about the person you recently met, would you trust them with something without knowing much about them? Same applies with you reading reviews for places before going to their business, if you see all 5 stars you wouldn’t be hesitant bringing your business to them simply because they are great at what they are doing.

Trust me it is the same in life with everything else. If you’re not good at something, people will know it and magically nobody will ask for that help from you in that field of expertise.

Developing a “social capital” with people and getting to know them is a huge step towards professional development and not just knowing someone.

The real success comes as you leave something in the first encounter with the other person that will make you remembered by. This is a great start on a purposeful professional relationship.

The True Power of Networking

Everybody might have their own opinion on this one, but the true feeling in the power of networking really comes when you can be trusted by other people. It really is about how much people know you, trust you, and how much they gain from knowing you, how often you communicate with them, and even how many more powerful people you know. As you become more responsible and people trust you, the true meaning in your life starts to change and conquering nearly any idea you might have becomes just another option, while everybody else struggles to find someone to work with or something like finding a job or changing a career.


As I become older I start to realize the value of real people that impact your life, it is important to always have these people around. We all need to make money, but where all places us apart is the impact we are really bringing to our society. You can work for the rest of your life at the same job or you can establish a proper network of people and they will bring opportunities straight to your hands.

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