Recently, there has been a lot of talk and speculation whether one deserves to be called self-made or what does it really take to be one from my (personal opinion) to become one and claim the “self-made” title. What gotten my attention on this subject is the recent rise of publications from many sources about Kylie Jenner and some claiming that she is self-made while others claim that she doesn’t deserve to be called “self-made“. What do you think? Do you think you she is self-made?

What Does Self-Made Mean?

If there’s one thing that really made me to think about this topic, it would be the fact that self-made really has different meanings to everyone and I would like to share my opinion and I hope you find it informative.

Self-Made title or one can be determined as a person who established a company or built it all by themselves on their own, rather than inheriting or taking over that business. In Kylie Jenner’s case it is rather interesting as her having an advantage in being born in a family that already had a reputation, so establishing a business idea or any idea from my perspective is much easier as they had a high fame already.

On the other side people might argue about my opinion because she is the one who came up with an idea or a brand, but really did she? Did she had to go through the same struggle as other entrepreneurs go today? or does everybody have millions of millions subscribers and followers on social media already to promote their brand?

In basically few years the brand is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and Kylie being listed as youngest billionaire today on multiple sites and Forbes being one of them.

What Do Other Sites Say About Being Self-Made?

Dictionary even wrote their own article on this and here’s their definition of “self-made”. It is…

Now, I am not trying to be too bias about this matter but I would agree with dictionary’s opinion mostly due to the fact that where I live there are a lot of “wannabees” and also a lot of very hard-working people and entrepreneurs for which it took most of their lives to gain reputation that Kylie Jenner was basically given to at birth already. (It is like majority of kids of famous parents never really ended up doing bad in life)

With a rising social media marketing popularity, Kylie was really given an advantage over many people that are facing today with trying to get their brand out there and trust me on this one, it is not just a very hard work required, but also  very expensive to try to make people aware about your invention or to even get the idea out.

What Point Am I Trying to Make Here?

I know you might be a huge fan of Kylie and I am a fan of her success as well because judging by her sisters she is the only (youngest) child that really got out there and really made a successful brand. Even though she started the brand, she already had the most important aspect of any business idea where people tend to break at and give up and it is at trying to market the idea properly and knowing her being famous already at that time and having family connections around her family and many fans and people wanting to work for her was rather given to her.

See, you’ve probably heard many success stories that are being shared by successful people and most if not all will have one thing in common “they failed before succeeding” and it shows the struggle they had to go through. Kylie didn’t really have the struggle to go through or had to put her life on the line for the brand to prosper.


I know this subject might be off-topic for Student Money Adviser Blog, but I just wanted to hopefully encourage people to not depend on anybody for any reasons and if you have any ideas, you should go for it because simply put in any way your idea goes either good or bad – you will benefit in the end!

With success, you will establish your business and brand and who knows where that might lead? With failure, you will not just learn from your mistakes and establish an idea and knowledge of the industry you are targeting, but you will most importantly meet people along the way that will lead to future opportunities and maybe even lifelong friends!

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