(Nope, this is not my Christmas tree, but definitely wish it was mine) 

Yayyyy, holidays are coming up!! Are you in holiday spirit yet? Because if you are, then it means it is about time to start shopping for the Christmas gifts. Instead of writing multiple posts on what to gift and for what age, I decided to pick only the gifts that everyone would actually LOVE to get for Christmas (including for yourself!) and best of all they are budget friendly & will show how much you care.

Before I start the list, I wanted to point out what to stay away from and it is Gift Cards. The Gift Cards way over the years became known as something that is usually given from people who did not know what to get or in other words, didn’t put enough thought into the gift.

I will jump right in with the BEST Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Budget,

1 Utilize Online Sources

First and foremost, use the resources available online like Groupon if you don’t know what to get for the person. I’ve used Groupon so many times to just get the ideas for the gifts because as you browse around something will pop up whether its massage place, golf lessons, or gym memberships, and so much more. Check it out yourself and you won’t be disappointed, you will find so much on there that will save you from spending hours at the malls or other stores.

Some other best sites to just briefly browse through are:

Best Buy – You can Find Almost Anything

Newegg – They have some of the best deals on electronics I’ve ever seen.

2 Electric Toothbrush

Absolutely great gift for any age, you really can’t go wrong with this gift because nobody I know ever switched back to the old school brushing teeth way because it is just so convenient.

Link to Oral-B White Pro 1000

3 Earbuds

Everybody needs earphones and these are the best for the money you pay. I am on my 3rd pair in pas 8 years and you really can’t beat them after you try them. The quality of music is great and they are actually eliminating the noise pretty great as well. These are great for any age and especially the best to gift to your college friends that constantly change headphones or don’t have a pair. 

Link to Panasonic Headphones

4 A Book

Simply gifting a book to the person who you know loves to read is a fantastic gift, do they like romantic books? Do they want to get rich? Is he/she your friend in college, then check out my post on the personal finance books that person in 20’s must read. Book marks a great gift for anybody and you really can’t go wrong gifting a book to anybody.

The book in the image I chose is definitely the best book for any ag.

Link to “The Millionaire Next Door” book.

M1 Finance

5 Cold/Hot Water Bottle

Everybody loves to keep their beverages cold or hot and gifting this to anybody will make anybody happy if they don’t have one already. Hydro Flask has done a lot of marketing in this past few years and really almost everybody knows what it is.

This awesome beverage holder can keep your cold drinks for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours which is great fro anybody! The best part of all is that there are 13 colors at the moment which can match any age, gender, and personality. You can also choose the sizes and it comes with Lifetime Warranty.

Link to Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum

Another great option is a funny coffee or tea mug with coffee or box of tea for lovers of coffee or tea.

6 Electric Skillet

Another fantastic gift that anybody will love. I am seeing more and more households using the electronic skillet. Why? Because they are so convenient to cook everything. This item can be taken on trips as well to cook something and really the best gift for your college friends or any other friends or family relatives, you really can’t go wrong with gifting this electronic skillet to anybody.

Link to Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet

7 Bluetooth Speaker

This item is something that everybody wants if they don’t have one. Absolutely great gift for anybody especially for its size and according to reviews and cost of $15 it has a very great quality of music and very convenient to carry everywhere they go.

Check the reviews about this speaker below. Everybody loves to have a great sounding wireless speakers, it also has a 12 hour music playing on one charge!

Link to Bluetooth Speakers, XLeader Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Also consider Smart Amazon Speaker Echo Dot

8 Phone Mounts For the Car

I believe almost everybody has this in their cars, but in case they don’t, consider gifting them magnetic phone holder vents, I guarantee, they will never go back, at least I haven’t looked back at all. Bonus is that you get two which makes it great to gift to two people or keep one for yourself if you don’t have one.

Link to Air Vent Car Mount

9 A Really Really Really Long Charging Cord

There is nothing better than t gift a charging cable that is long of at least 10ft long. In todays era, our phones are crucial and you know these times when your cord wasn’t long enough. Well, here’s solution, get a long charging cord because it will solve many problems for many of your friends and relatives.

Link to pack of 3 10ft Cord

10 Scented Candle

Everybody loves a good smell and gifting a scented candle is absolutely one of the best Christmas gift ideas. Choose from 10 different scents from Lulu Candles, their collection is absolutely fantastic and very affordable.

Link to Scented Candle from Lulu

11 Monthly Planner

Any person that is successful have a planner always handy, whether it is on their phone or simply on their planner. Having a planner gives a person opportunity to write down the tasks, homework and practically everything and is very handy for anybody especially gifting it to your college peers.

Link to Monthly Planner

Other great option is a journal

12 Cozy Socks

Do you remember that time when getting socks was like a worst gift anybody can get. Well, as you get older you must of noticed that getting socks is actually a great gift in the end. It’s simple, everybody loves feeling cozy and getting socks is a great gift for anybody. There are many choices to choose from once you start looking for all ages and genders.

Link to Cozy Socks

Some other great options are bathrobe, slippers, or funny socks.

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13 Emergency Car Kits

This is something everybody must have in their car for many reasons especially any emergency situation that could happen. These kits are very affordable and could really save not just hundreds of dollars but also could save a life.

This 64 piece kit includes everything you need in case of emergency including jumper cable, flashlight, first aid kid consisting of 45 pieces, two in one screwdriver, shop cloth, batteries, poncho, and much more.

Link to All-in-one Emergency Kit

14 Everything Finder

Another great gift to consider for everybody because of the convenience and usefulness that anybody can benefit from in everyday life. Tile is a little device that can be places in a purse, hanged wit the keys, or simply placed with anything. This will make life so much easier for anybody and they will no longer have to search for it other than pressing few simple buttons on their phone.

Link to Tile with Replaceable Battery

15 Home Oil Aroma Diffuser

Who doesn’t like a good smell at home. I’ve noticed these diffusers are becoming very popular at homes because they are actually making your home smell good and look good with multiple colors. This is a great gift for everybody because we all love a good smell. If you know what smell they obsess over then even better, there are many oils with different scents available.

Link to Home Diffuser

Link to Oil Diffuser Oils

Bottom Line

After doing a lot of research I came up with this best Christmas Gift Ideas list for the gifts that everybody wants. I hope you find this list useful and if you want, you can add what you think I should add to the list.

The rule is: put a little effort into this and don’t just go with a simple gift card.

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