First thing that comes to mind when thinking about credit cards is that there are many associated benefits with owning one if utilized properly to it’s full potential. BUT, there are also credit cards that are simply unreachable for 99.9% of people with their requirements and I will discuss their fantastic benefits only the super-rich can really take advantage of. Biggest advantage of the most exclusive credit cards is that you cannot simply apply for one, you have to be invited for one.

These exclusive credit cards for super-rich have some of the best perks available in the industry and to mention that most of these perks come for free with owning a card, including:

  • No credit limit (Yep, purchasing something for few millions is simply a swipe) How Much Money You Need to Make to be in Top 1%, 5%, 10%?
  • Access to private jets, personal shoppers (Interested in buying something from another state? Just use personal shopper!) Heck, you can even close a retail store for personal shopping
  • Booked up concert? (well, no problem because there will always be a space for you!)
  • Elite statuses (hotels, airlines, exclusive gyms for free that cost hundreds of dollars a month for a regular person, and much more to match the status)
  • Exclusive Material (Oh, trust me you will know right away that this card is something serious with usually being extra heavy, made of gold, rarest metals, and even encrusted diamonds!)
  • Luxurious Gifts (Birthday? New Year? Personal Achievement? You name it… You will get surprise gifts that to average personal will cost thousands and thousands of dollars but you get it for free!)
  • And so much more (Although these above are some of the unique benefits, there are so much more that these banks do a great job at not disclosing it to the public)

Let’s dive right in for the most exclusive credit cards out there (not in any order)

1. American Express Centurion Card

This card is most commonly known as the “black card” and you probably heard of it and I’ll be honest, I have seen and touched this card before and simply even by holding it, you get this feeling that is hard to describe. *Fun fact: Average net worth of AMEX Centurion and Platinum cards is close to $3 trillion dollars.

This invite-only card also claimed to be the one that started this whole “prestige new ways of rewarding the super-rich”. American Express keeps upping the requirements and the biggest one is the spending, you need to spend a lot of money in order to be invited for one with some claiming $300,000 a year and others close to a million per year. Nobody really knows the exact amount, thus is why this is invite-only card.

The fees for this card include $7,500 initiation fee and $2,500 annual fee but the perks are limitless. Start Investing With Just $100 or Less

It is hard to describe the perks because many are kept as a secret but there are few out like 24/7 concierge service, complimentary hotel rooms, personal shoppers, access to airport lounges, reservations at some of the exclusive restaurants in the world that have waiting lists for months, and of course closing a retail store for personal shopping.

2. JP Morgan Chase Reserve (Also known as Palladium)

Most widely known as Chase Palladium, but recently changed it’s name to “Chase Reserve”. What stands out the most about this card is the hefty requirement of having a minimum of $10 million in assets managed by JP Morgan Private Bank. Barack Obama is using this card.

Unfortunately, there are not as many benefits to really make this card stand out rather than a status symbol. You know the person that have this card has over $10 million dollars in assets aside from the black card I talked about above where the spending is the most important part of getting invited for one.

The annual fees include $595 and comes in fancy chemical element of gold that is valued at $1,300 per ounce and includes unlimited access to airport lounges, points on dining, travel, travel vouches valued at $300, Global Entry, some of the best travel insurance and protections available, as well as 24/7 direct access to customer service.

3. Dubai First Royale Mastercard

The Dubai First Royale Mastercard actually has a lot of real gold on it and also a real diamond embedded in the center. The card, for the most part is known for it’s no credit limit, so buying a yacht with a swipe is like buying a grocery item.

This card is rather challenging to get because there are no requirements available and it is actually known that even super-rich are not getting invited for this card. The initiation fee is roughly $2,000. The card is also known to come with dedicated lifestyle manager that is always there for you and pretty much do anything you desire. Secret to Life Success: Getting Paid to Do What You Love

In an interview with CEO of the Dubai bank, the CEO said “What do these clients require? What are their needs? It’s not money — it’s service. You ask for the moon, and we try and get it”. I don’t know about you but that is amazing how they treat their clients.

Although there is not much information available to public, many sources claim this card as the most exclusive card in the world. Why College is the Best Time to Start a Business

4. Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

If pure gold isn’t enough for you, then how about some mother of pearl and 26 diamonds? This card is pretty new to this ultra-rich credit card industry and requires $100,000 right away of which $65,000 goes on making the card and the rest deposited to your account with $2,000 annual fee.

Getting this card is pretty much carrying a piece of gold or $65,000 piece of jewelry :). With card comes some cool perks like $250,000 of life and health insurance, 24/7 concierge, and a personal manager. Getting VIP access to luxury vacation will also be easy, on top of other perks like exclusive restaurants, golf courses, and much more. Are You Barely Getting By Financially?

You know you have to pay late fees if you forget to pay your credit card bill? Well, no worries because with this card there are no late fees.
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5. Stratus Rewards Visa

Although as you noticed luxury cards tend to go heavy in material like being made out of gold, diamonds, or simply darker colors. Well, this one is the opposite and is a white card. This card is primarily known for the private jet program. People that get this card are primarily major travelers.

In order to be considered for one you need to have somebody who already has the card to get referred from or get an invite from the company itself. You also need to spend $200,000 a year on this card to keep the card.

The annual fee is $1,500 and come with personal famed lifestyle expert, personal concierge service, discounted charter services, free car services, luxury hotel upgrades, special events, and exclusive gifts for being a member.

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Bottom Line: Are These Exclusive Cards Worth it?

Heck yes! Well, most of us will never have these cards, but the benefits that come with having these super exclusive cards are definitely something that one can benefit to its full potential. “Self-Made” wealthy people don’t just sit around every day and do nothing, they view time as very valuable asset and every second count, so having the benefits like personal concierge to call and simply tell them “I want a reservation for dinner, ticket to concert, flight to…” is well worth their time instead of trying to do these things that “us” normal people do 😉

If you have a chance to get ahold of one please share your experiences of having one.

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