As a college student you most likely heard of somebody meeting someone online or you’ve seen people sitting around and swiping left and right on their smartphones. Dating apps are becoming more and more popular not just in college but also around all ages. It is no wonder why dating apps are drawing so many people lately and it is primarily due to the fact that it is rather simple to get started and start swiping away. It also has another major benefit which is the ability to skip all the small talk that everybody find so intimidating (I can tell from a guys standpoint) and just get the ball rolling right away.

The best part is that most of the popular ones are free to use, although if you pay the features can be very useful, but I found it to be rather expensive with every dating app tot

Let’s cut it right to the point because I’m sure you know what online dating is, although I want to point some negatives with online dating because I think you need to know and I will get into that at the end of the post.

Best Dating Apps You MUST Have

1 Tinder

Tinder is probably the biggest one and most also the most known one everywhere. Tinder is also widely known today even when I traveled to other countries I was able to have endless amounts of people to swipe. Today, it is definitely the biggest player in the game because of how simple it is to get started and start swiping away!

How it works: If you and another person both swiped right, you have a match! Trust me there are a lot and I mean a lot of users, so meeting somebody or knowing someone who met someone on Tinder is very common these days. It is a great dating app to have but I have heard some horror stories with it from my female friends. So, for girls, I would highly recommend looking into next one I talk about below.

2 Bumble

Take Tinder and flip it and you get Bumble. Usually, guys are the ones to make a move first or anybody being able to start a conversation on Tinder after you match. Bumble is different in few of the biggest ways including, after you match with other person, woman is the only one that can start a conversation within 24 hours or the match expires.

Where Bumble shines is in another cool feature which is the ability to switch around options like bumble date, bumble bff, and bumble bizz. Bumble date is your typical looking for dates, bumble bff is looking for new friends, and bumble bizz where it allows you to grow your network of people career-wise. I have tried bff and biz and it is rather all over the place with a lot of people not knowing that they had biz or bff on instead of dating. I found bumble not work in favor of guys, but honestly I absolutely love the way Bumble is set up. No matter what and if you get a simple “hi” from a girl, its all on you guys either way to make a move 🙂 but bumble helps to limit these horror stories of guys sending inappropriate pics as a starter.

How it works: When you swipe right and other person also swipes right, you get a connection. A female have to message you first within 24 hours.

3 Hinge

If you are tired of hookups and actually want something special this time around, then Hinge might be the best bet. Hinge is different from typical swipe left and right system. Hinge focuses more on deeper connection or more focusing on your profile and also prompts you to answer personality questions instead of constantly swiping left and right like on other platforms based on physical attractiveness level. It works in a way of matching you with a person with the same interests.

Only negative is the fee of $7/month. It is well worth it in the end.


4 Coffee Meets Bagel

Another great way of taking a dating app to the next level. Coffee Meets Bagel has been around for some time now and if you haven’t heard of it and you are a guy, I would highly recommend it because the ratio of girls to guys on there is about 6:4. This app is for sure one of the best if you are looking for maybe becoming friends or even take it further.

How it works: After creating profile (need facebook), you will be sent out a bagel once a day for a potential match, you also get some “maybe” profiles to go through.




Match has been around for a long time and is commonly known to be one of the oldest platforms available. can be viewed as something serious if you are looking to take your life to the next level. The type of questions and the profile you build for yourself including your personal information like your income. I view Match as a more serious place to start looking for somebody.

It used to be all done on computers via internet before the phone applications entered the game and is one of the main reasons we have online dating apps today. The only downside is paying $21 for the membership but in the end this fee is well worth it and eliminates potential spam where anybody can simply join.

Negatives with Online Dating You Must Know About

It used to be you met someone via knowing somebody or simply in order to get social you actually had to get out and meet people whether it is at some social outgoings or gatherings. Imagine doing that today? and all that effort you have to go through to meet someone 🙂 It was found that there are currently hundreds millions of people today looking for partners via online platforms.

Well, there are negatives when it comes with online dating or meeting someone.

Reason #1: Biggest negative that I’ve experienced and is truly I believe the biggest one is that what you see is not what you get. People try hard to make themselves look and sadly create some fake information about themselves which you then find is not true at all when you meet them in person. The worst is meeting someone that does not look anything like pictures they have. sounds familiar? I mean you can misrepresent your height, weight, and any other data like age as well.

It is a pretty challenging approach to find someone online and you will need to have some experiences before you start handpicking people judging by their fake profiles.

Reason #2: There’s got to be some chemistry. It’s plain and simple, in online dating you don’t just go straight to their bio and read it, your first move is to look at their pictures where physical attraction is much more important to you than say a personality trait.

I’m sure you’ve met someone that you just simply really liked whether it is just your current friend you might have or maybe your previous partner. The chemistry between people do not happen simply by swiping left and right. Chemistry requires some face-to-face interaction.

Reason #3: In 2016, research revealed that 49% of people who message on dating apps never receive a response. When you don’t get matches or responses it, in reality affects you and you start questioning yourself. many people claim that they can careless, but it is just a social thing that they say, people care and it affects them if they don’t get what they want.

Simply, imagine matching with 30 people and none of them respond, how would you feel about that? Not so good.

Reason #4: Dating apps are an overwhelming way to spend your time. If you set certain criteria for the search, you will have hundreds and hundreds of matching you will be able to swipe on which is no jut time consuming but also if your ratio to matches is low, then it is purely overwhelming. This leads us to the fact that an average online dater is spending 11 hours per week.
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Bottom Line

Online dating apps is definitely a way to meet somebody and overall have fun. But you should not depend on it to find the love of your life. I hope you find this post for best dating apps for a college student informative and I would love to hear your crazy stories that you have experienced in online dating world!