I always wanted to touch this subject because I constantly hear (believe it or not) degrees I have never even heard of before. Simply put: Majority of these degrees do not require much of traditional or difficult classes that you need to take and can be completed by almost anybody rather fast. But the question is: Is it really worth it in the end?

I do not want to list the degrees and majors on here that I consider a waste of time and raise speculation with my readers to take it offensive. I completely agree that any degree is worth it and in the end it is all up to you and what you can make out of it (Top 10 highest paying jobs that don’t require degree). If you are a hustler, you will have no problem achieving anything with any or even no degree at all.

Instead, I would like to touch the degrees that will pay-off in the next decade. Many students find themselves in a position where they set themselves as “undeclared major” to buy them some time, then eventually when time is up to decide, many still not sure what to do and declare a major that they have a little to no interest at all, but it is the best option at that time.

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I hope you find this post useful and hopefully if you are in a position to decide, you can consider one of these degrees that are actually on the rise for the next decade and more.

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Lets dive right in with College Degrees That Will Actually Pay Off in the Next Decade,

Note: The order the degrees are listed is random


There are 20,000+ businesses start every day and 99% (to be fair) of them fail within year. The reason why other businesses succeed is not just because of a great idea or innovation, but it is also because they have strong marketing team that is up-to-date with industry and are effectively creating advertisement to sell their services and products.

The Top 3 fields are:

1 Brand/Product Manager (median salary $115,000)

2 Marketing Manager (median salary $125,000)

3 Public Relations Manager (median salary $105,000)

Computer Science

In these past two decades, technology has really taken off. I’m not just talking about technology we have in our hands every day (smartphone) and on our walls (tv) at home. The computer has been playing the major part in this technological boom and majoring in computer science will keep you occupied for a while. Computer science is everything that has to do with coding, creating new softwares that businesses and everybody else use. Whatever you are using right now to read my post has been developed by computer science majors.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth through 2022 is expected to increase about 30% which is a huge difference if comparing to any other field.

The Top 3 fields are:

1 Data Scientist (median salary $95,000)

2 Computer Programmer (median salary $80,000)

3 Mobile Applications Developer (median salary $107,000)

Financial Planning

This is actually where I am going and soooo excited… 🙂

We deal with money every day and people will always need to be able to manage their money. Managing money is not simple, it is not just about saving and spending money. Check out my post on Simple Tips for Student Budgeting from a Student.

Many students take an extra step and become Certified Financial Planner. There are many ways a finance major student can go: Financial analyst, planner, budget analyst, credit analyst, investment bankers, and wealth management just to name a few.

The best part about this degree is I believe that there’s just so much that you can do and I cannot wait myself to go and explore the possibilities.

The Top 3 fields are:

1 Investment Banking (expect $100,000+ straight out of school!)

2 Financial Planning (median salary $95,000)

3 Financial Analyst  (median salary $87,000)

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If you were one of these kids that just loved to try and fix things and still do like remotes, tv’s, and just taking things apart and together. Engineering field has a lot of different options you can choose from, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical, aerospace, chemical, and software engineering to name a few.

There will always be a need for engineers and from such a large variety you can choose from, it will keep you occupied and interested. Engineers have strong problem solving skills and are excited to develop new products, systems, and devices.

The Top 3 fields are:

1 Chemical Engineer (median salary $95,000)

2 Mechanical Engineer (median salary $87,000)

3 Electrical Engineer  (median salary $99,000)

Health Care

Health care will alway be needed and with baby boomers population retiring in the next decade, the health care field will need even more of people that can care for others. Wherever you land yourself in this field, it will pay-off The one thats expected to grow the most is a Health Care Administration.

Health Care Positions include: Dentist, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Orthodontist, Pediatrician, and much more… you can check the top 50 by yourself.

The Top 4 fields are:

1 Medical Assistant (median salary $37,000)

2 Nurse Assistant (median salary $31,000)

3 Physician (median salary $192,000)

4 Registered Nurse (median salary $71,000)

Human Resources 

Human Resources play a major role in any company and without Human Resources the businesses would have a trouble functioning well. There are six major functions of Human Resources which include: recruiting and hiring, handling compensation, employee relations, legal responsibilities, training and development of a new employee.

I hope at this point you realize why Human Resources is so important in any business to operate properly. They are the ones that make the decision on hiring somebody and handle almost everything that is between employees and make sure that everybody is happy.

See the reasons why you need a LinkedIn account now if you are a college student.

The Top 3 fields are:

1 Recruiting Manager (median salary $97,000)

2 Compensation and Benefits Manager (median salary $105,000)

3 Human Resources Managers (median salary $108,000)


If you love to go on adventures and explore the natural wonders of the world, then Biology major might be the best option for you. Simply put, Biology is the study of life and there is just so much in this major that could interest you including:

  • Genetics (the study of genes)
  • Fisheries science (the study of fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems)
  • Physiology (studying live cells, tissue and organisms and how they function)
  • Agronomy (studying agriculture)
  • Herpetology (the study of amphibians and reptiles)
  • Botany (studying plants) or arboriculture (the study of trees)
  • Ecology (the relationship of organisms to the environment)
  • Oceanography (the study of the ocean)
  • Mammalogy (the study of mammals)
  • Ichthyology (the study of fish)

If any of these fields interest you, consider going into biology and it will pay off because this field is highly needed. If you’re good at chemistry, physics, and math, this field is for you.

The Top 3 fields are:

1 Clinical Research Associate (median salary $74,000)

2 Laboratory Manager (median salary $99,000)

3 Health and Safety Supervisor (median salary $86,000)

Secret to Life Success

There is no degree or profession that will pay off as much as doing what you love. The true earning power includes passion and love what you do, so choosing wisely is crucial for life success.

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