Holiday Gifts on Budget as a Student

As finals ending and holiday season approaching, we are  excited but also overwhelmed on what to gift when we are already broke as students.  I wanted to share some ideas on holiday gifts on budget as a student with you that will hopefully give you a suggestion on what to get or even trigger an idea if you see something that you think is a good idea to get. It is always great to get something or even make something if you cant buy it.

Gift shopping doesn’t have to break the bank, so I wanted to share some ideas that are affordable, cute, and fits your budget.

Here is the list of my “Holiday Gifts on Budget as a Student”

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1. Cozy Reading Socks (under $25)

When it comes to socks it is a necessity and I know that when I was young I would be mad that I got socks for Christmas, and I am sure I am not he only one that gotten socks before when we were still teenagers. This days I would love to get socks for Christmas because honestly they always lose their twin. We have heard of cozy socks, but did you know theres Reading Socks? They are primarily for those nights where the person reading, studying etc… Their design also stands out.


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2. Scented Candles (under $20)

I mean who doesn’t like the great smelling candle? Candles will always be a perfect gift for any occasion especially for the upcoming holidays. I tend to git candles on some occasion and it never disappoints. Yankee Candles are the best overall and have some great deals you can score like buy one and get 2nd 50% off or even free.

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3. A nice frame (under $25)

This is a great and cheap option where you could bring some memory and put a picture of you with the person you are gifting it to or maybe you family picture with you mom and dad? This can always bring memories and memories are so important when gifting. This is best for a close friend because statistically 95% of 20 year olds have no pictures or empty walls, so be the first one.


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4. A Coffee Mug (under $20)

Most of us if not all start with Coffee in our hands bright and early, so consider gifting a coffee mug. The great thing about mugs is that you can customize them to suit the person you are gifting it to, could be something funny or even ones that are pretty unique that change pictures depending on the water (hot or cold). You could go an extra step by including a bag of tea or coffee.

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5. A gift basket

A gift basket can go a long ways because there’s a variety of gifts that a person could have from chocolates to  wine, cheese, bread etc… Great way to give a person a variety to choose from.

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6. Homemade Cookies

When it comes to cookies theres nothing to say but we love them. If you love baking cookies then why not to bake them as a gift? I mean just look at them they are already making me want one just by looking.Image result for a bookstore

7. A Gift Card to the Local Bookstore

We all have friends or family members that love reading. A gift card to their favorite book store could be the perfect way to make somebody’s holiday.

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8. A Facial Massage Certificate or Skin Care Kit

Great to gift because everybody uses some kind of facial moisturizers or a gift card to the places to get a facial done. This might be an expensive option but if you want to give this to someone special to you then this is the best way.

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9. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Definitely for people that love to sing in the shower or going to the beach. Get them this and they will remember you every time they show off to other that their speaker keeps playing even when water touches it.

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10. Check out Groupon for Local Deals

I was able to score Starbucks gift cards for $10 with extra $10 added. Also check out the local deals because they have some smoking deals available and perfect for the holidays.

Bottom Line

As holidays approaching, get in exciting spirit after the finals are over. Try not to overspend and I would highly suggest setting a limit for yourself and don’t spend more than that amount on gifts. It is important not to overspend.

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