How to Check your Tax Refund Status

January 29th, 2018 marked the first day IRS started processing taxes. What it means is now you if you have all of the tax information ready, you can file them and within 3 weeks on average you will get your refund back! If you have not yet filed the taxes and plan on doing so, consider reading my post and and my experience with Credit Karma. You can also see my post if you want to know information about this year’s taxes with some important dates.

Checking Tax Refund Status is actually pretty easy to do.

The IRS for that reason created this website where you will fill out some information for verification purposes. The website after you click “Check Refund Status” looks like this:

To Check your Tax Refund Status you will Need:

1. Social security number or ITIN

2. Your filing status (single, married etc.)

3. The tax refund amount that you determined

What will the Refund Status Site Tell me:

When you enter the information I wrote above, you will be able to find out:

  • If your return was received
  • If your return was processed
  • Estimated time your return will be deposited (if you selected direct deposit option) or mailed.

Important Thing to Know:

IRS will never initiate contact with you via email. For that reason I would not recommend anyone clicking on any link if you receive an email that asks you to enter anything relating to your taxes.

Bottom Line

It is an exciting season and I hope you get your refund very soon and plan on spending that money wisely! It is not really a “free money” that you get. You can refer to my post on ways to spend the refund check wisely.

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[…] How to Check your Tax Refund Status […]


[…] You might have been waiting for this time of the year to buy something that you wanted especially that with national average refund is at $3,000 this year, it is rather big. Firstly, congratulations! Now, how should you wisely spend it? Just remember this is not a “bonus” check the government sends you but in reality it has been yours all along. If you have filed your taxes and want an update, see my other post on how to check your tax refund status. […]


[…] How to Check your Tax Refund Status […]

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