This “CEO” Job Pays $10,000 Per Month Just to Live in Cancun, Mexico

Found this on the news recently “Cancun CEO  job” and wanted to share even though theres only a few days left to apply. This is a job if you are outgoing and as a primary description is to share your experience of being in this city. March – August 2018

Your job is:

  • Create Videos
  • Tell Stories
  • Share Experiences Living
  • Discovering

You will pretty much promote the city of Cancun as a go to destination to travel. The best part is that theres no experience required, and everything is paid for, you just get paid for it too on top of that. Read more about it here and apply on here.

Bottom Line

This is a 6 month commitment and you get paid $60,000 by the time you finish. I would highly recommend applying if you can fit this in your schedule and are looking for a great experience.

Richard Barnett is a student majoring in finance, entrepreneur, marketer, content writer, budget traveler, and financial blog “Student Money Adviser” owner. You can read more about me here.

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